Australian Politics, Mark II


Indeed… there’d be no need for backdoors or de encryption, … or Encryption at all for that matter.


Least of all our elected officials


From the latin “Ad Hominem”?


Myki… MHR… centrelink robo-debt… finance guy paying $3k a month on his internet…

nah these guys know what they’re doing with technology, why would anyone be worried??


Nothing to hide nothing to fear


Police even tap their own as evidenced by the Lionel Murphy tapes.


After spending all day in parliament saying how bad the encryption bill is, at the last minute the ALP have abandoned their own amendments and passed it through the senate unchanged.

Hollowest of hollow men.


Watching the news, … ScuMo sounds like he’s getting fkn desperate and virtually channeling the Onion eater.

Had to turn it off, sickening.




This man is excited by this news




Cracks me up that people hack places like the farking Pentagon, but BSD reckons they can’t hack his phone. Very odd.


The shame is, it’s people like him who are the most vulnerable now



Who fkn said that?


SloMo should apply the same logic and set up a federal ICAC then if they really believe that.


You have been banging on for a while about not believing that hackers will be able to hack a back door on your phone OS.



Come on Ben, who’s going to believe those pinko left conspiracy theorists at the Economist?


Any one who is not a yuppy IT elitist


Is it too much to ponder that Labor were worried about being wedged on this with clueless, terrorist fearing pensioners? Surely these guys have been briefed on the risks that everyone is about to be exposed to?