Australian Politics, Mark II



And allow a domestic violence survivor to pull the cord.

“The Things That Batter”…

■■■■■■■ turd.


That is a very frightening admission.

I imagine him on fire, and me failing to urinate.

I am going to live in San Francisco soon and first day will be attending a reception with our US Ambassador.

I will be seeking questions to put to our Joe; what do you imagine him wearing?


This will do for the lot of them


Admittedly, i imagine all of those who front up at the expensive grammar schools, and then carry on as if their ■■■■ doesn’t stink, dressed like that.

You I picture with the blue wife-beater, the Stubbies, the Blunnies complete with footy socks and the durrie hanging out the corner of your mouth.

Never given much thought to Joe admittedly.


Hope that you have not sold out, comrade. This country needs tech companies like yours, though I appreciate the frustration of keeping it going.

SF is extremely expensive to live in. We were there a few months ago and saw a bedsit for the equivalent of A$3,200 a month.


Nice and close to Berkeley though for a bit of very left-wing thought.

Or was that just the 60s and 70s?


Berkeley is still pretty good, driven mainly by UCB. SF itself does not have such an influence but still it too is much more liberal than most other US cities. (As you would already know).


@DonMania should know about this, you might be neighbours


Excuse my ignorance, but what is a blue wife-beater ?


Not quite sold out. In an AusTrade program called Landing Pad where they provide a fully serviced office and in- ground support for three months. Our aim is to get an investor who can take us to the next level in product development and international marketing.

That said, if some-one comes along with lots of money, then I will sell out.


Good luck, Bacchus!

In my experience, Austrade officials are as effective as any other branch of the public service, which in AN10’s phrase can be measured in units of less than one clackerful of snow.

(For example, we have a test to identify people in the Middle east who will have a heart attack [very common under 60 years of age there] but Austrade has not been able to arrange a single meeting with officials there in over two years of requesting this).


Blue singlet


Yep Albert, I have had some less than satisfying times with AusTrade in the past, but lately things have changed. We did an event in India and the AusTrade officials were live wire Indians and did a very good job. The AusTrade San Francisco Manager for this program is a Yank and we have a Mentor who is another Yank and both seem very switched on.

This Landing Pad program has been successful in the past few years with mostly software and app developers, so we will see how we go.


NIck Stevens??



OK Mr Noonan, never worn a blue singlet ever, Mrs Fox the Third banned Stubbies and if I wore socks with shorts and shoes, I would be totally banned. Have not smoked a cigarette in 20 years.

Wrong for the first time in your very long life.

If I was going to give any thought at all to your attire, I think given your emphasis on proper English Expression and a passion for cricket, that you are wearing a pinstripe suit, bowler hat, a bit like Steed but wearing a cricket umpires white coat over the top. Please send photo.


More a morning suit…black jacket and striped pants, briefcase and furled brolly, with a rolled copy of The Times.

I’m really more your safari suit with long socks type.

Or, in actuality, during summer, polo shirt, shorts of normal length, runners and white socks, and on hot days, a broad-brimmed hat. Some Blitzers may see me decked out this way tomorrow on my trip to Melbourne…with the polo being EFC-approved.


Yep that is more like it.


I was expecting sandals, to improve on the Don Dunstan look.


Can you imagine Noonan in Don Dunstan shorts!


I didn’t think I could but now you went and ■■■■■■■ mentioned it…

thanks a ■■■■■■■ lot.