Australian Politics, Mark II


Get the resellers to price it just low enough that people stop complaining about overpaying for a bucket of ■■■■, and the masses just enough competency so they don’t over extend said bucket


What possible stick can the Tories beat Labor with? They’re the ones who completely gutted what would have been a visionary national broadband platform. If anything, Labor should be crucifying the Tories over this very issue every day.

  • Climate / energy policies
  • Corporate welfare
  • Stagnant wage growth
  • NBN
  • Welfare cuts

These should be all cudgels to mercilessly bludgeon the Tories with ad nauseam until election day.


Don’t forgot the SSM ‘not-a-referendum’ referendum.


XMeans they are going to force Telstra to lower its price to NBNCo for infrastructure, and NBNCo charge to service providers.

It is written in the strange language of pre-election gibberish !




You beauty, will be OS on Election Day


He is most of us whenever she opens her mouth.


I know that and you know that but the MSM will not give them any publicity about this issue.




Yep, 18 May.

Vote early, vote often.

Home game against Freo that night.


Hopefully we do to Fremantle what Labor is going to do to the LNP.


What, send in Essington?


Based on opinion polls:

ALP: 85 seats (+3% swing)
LNP: 60 seats

That’s a fairly comfortable win on current numbers.


What it means some marketing consultant just bought their 3rd investment property.


Remember when they signed over $1,000,000,000 over to developers to not build the East West Link about a month out from the Vic state election?

Remember when they “needed” to re-open XMas island, at a cost of around $180,000,000 for Scotty to have a press conference there, then “needed” to shut it a month later?

They will spend as many millions or billions of our money as they have to, to make it Labor’s fault.


That’s because Labor are amateurs at being on offence when it comes to messaging. Play the game the way the Libs do and attack them mercilessly.


Will all be over, including the shouting, by the 6PM news.


Then the blaming of Turnbull begins


If only he hadn’t challenged himself for the leadership…


Not completely sold on Shorten, so in that case it’s better the devil you know…