Australian Politics, Mark II


End this


Seriously ??

You would rather put up with the dross we have endured, then a Party with actual policy ? The worst thing about Bill Shorten is that he is a Collingwood supporter, and while that is bad enough, the rest of his attributed are extremely admirable. I cannot find one thing about ScoMo that could be admired at all, not even his Footy team.


ScoMo’s greatest positive is he isn’t Peter Dutton.


I agree again.

The current LNP isn’t the devil, it’s a whole phalanx of demons prodding you with burning tridents.

For the fourth or fifth time in my life, I’ll be putting Labor ahead of the Libs. Just waiting to see who are the independents in the Wannon electorate are…not that it really matters, in the House.


WA votes probably won’t even need to be counted!!!


The most interesting and challenging aspect of the upcoming election will be deciding who to put last on the ballot papers.

There is a huge cohort of deserving parties and candidates all of who deserve utter contempt.

I’d even vote for Pol Pot ahead of One Nation, Palmer’s Wank Party, the Liberals, ultra conservative and religious nut jobs, farking shooters, fishers, and red necks (Nationals).


I live in Shorten’s electorate so my vote will pretty much count for very little given he’s not going to lose his seat, but yeah I don’t see anything that compels me to vote for him.


Can never put Bill first, especially due to his side kick. The arrogance that party shows towards SME and self starting Australians is atrocious. Been driving a wedge against who save and accumulate.


Hi Trip :wave:


I have been running my Small business for over 25 years and in that time, all Governments have supported me. Labor has had some great initiatives and so have the Libs. Show me one example of the arrogance you allege.


Well vote for the party then. It sounds like you’re basing your decision on whether you like Bill or not, sorry if that’s not the case. But what is it with this ■■■■■■■ country that so many people vote on personality? And if they do they choose people like Abbott? ■■■■ me.


Cap on accounting fees, negative gearing changes, capital gains discount , franking credits , trust distribution, lending in SMSF for residential, clear bias towards industry super funds.

My industry has reached out to Labor and as I said the arrogance in their response was disappointing.

I support people who have a crack and try and generate and accumulate their own wealth, clearly something this party is against.


So you should be in favour of Labors Neg gearing and Franking credits policies then? Because that’s not “Generating one’s own Wealth” that’s the already wealthy getting Taxpayer funded handouts. right?




If they are going to rip the band-aid off neg gearing, go the whole way . Notthey would hate to put out their union mates…


? ? ?


Wasn’t there something that you couldn’t use excessive accounting fees to reduce your taxable income to zero.

Fully warranted change imo.

If your getting charged millions in a bogus charge to reduce your tax. That’s not right.


Doesn’t exist though. Was planned. Never implemented.

Also if the tax office bothered there should be a clear chain to check.


Gosh, industries seem to want a lot of free stuff…


Others have responded but here is my take on your post.

Cap on accounting fees
Under Labor, there will be a claim limit of $3000. Individuals, self-managed superannuation funds, trusts and partnerships will be subject to the cap. On the other hand, companies would still be allowed to make uncapped deductions for such costs, so explain how it effects your SME ???

Negative gearing changes
Labor will limit negative gearing to new housing from a yet-to-be-determined date after the next election. All investments made before this date will not be affected by this change and will be fully grandfathered. How does this effect a SME, unless of ocurse they are a slum lord, who I guess will put his money into new houses.

Capital gains discount
So again you reckon SME will be affected ? Now those who are into property development probably pay no tax now, but perhaps the 50% discount being taken away may mean they will pay something. Reckon everyone should share the load when it ocmes to paying tax.

Franking credits
SME issue !! Don’t think so, but in any case why should some0-one get a tax refund when they paid no tax. Thin enough has been disclosed about this rort.

Family Trust distribution
This is a mechanism for the rich to pay less tax, and is not what Family Trusts were actually set up for.

Lending in SMSF for residential
You will have to explain to me what SMFS is

Clear bias towards industry super funds
Yep, there sure is. Maybe that is because these funds offer better returns, less fees and are much more transparent in their activities. It is fact that the growth of these funds has led to the others having to improve themselves to keep afloat.

My industry has reached out to Labor and as I said the arrogance in their response was disappointing.
What industry ? Now I am in the Scientific Industry and over many years Labor and Liberal have been disappointing in their approach to science. Not enough funding for CSIRO and University for research, but I said, in terms of helping me commercialise new technology, employ scientists and engineers, and go after international markets, Government has been splendid with AusIndustry Grants, R&D tax incentives, Austrade and Export Development Grants. Obviously Labor and Libs come from a different ideology but both understand export means local jobs and export income.

So what next to you have to offer ???