Australian Politics, Mark II


Will be written on his tombstone


Bill Shorten will bring leadership to its lowest level in Australian history.

Our rate of PM/year since Howard is an embarrassment.

For fuxache. Where are our leaders?


Yep, this last 10-12 years have been an embarrassment in Australian politics. Kevin 07/Joolya, Abbott/Turnbull. Everyone bags ScoMo but Shorten could well be worse. Plus trusting Labor with the economy…


The leadership turnover is partially due to the fickleness of the Australian public and it’s susceptibility to media hit campaigns on party leaders, which causes the popularity of its leaders to fall, which in turn scares the rank and file, giving the ambitious and duplicitous an opportunity to backstab their own leaders.

If the Australian people weren’t gullible sheep and/or the media wasn’t the personal attack dog of a foul, heinously immoral, satanic hobgoblin then perhaps our politics would be a little less insipid and much more productive.


Biggest and most annoying myth in Australian politics


He has united a bitterly divided party and pushed out progressive policy aimed at reducing inequality.

Good leadership behaviour in my book.


You forgot to mention the war criminal Howard who wasted the wealth of the mining boom in hand outs to middle Australia in an attempt to buy votes.


Self Managed Super Fund, I’m not sure of the context of ‘lending for residential’. You can certainly borrow and lend as a SMSF for residential property.There are rules around it of course.


Shorten = Good leader, bad salesman of good policy

Scummo = bad leader, good salesman of bad policy


Nope, this guys the worst sales person ever.

Full of ■■■■


I have voted liberal most elections, however this time I could not possible consider it, their infighting, lack of climate policy/action, treatment (or no treatment) of anybody not like them and the general shift to the right rules them out.

What I am puzzled about is the dislike of Bill Shorten, is this mainly driven by the media?


I’d guess it is partly media, partly lack of charisma and partly a hangover from the “faceless men” jibe of yesteryear.


I don’t like him. Anyone employing and unleashing Wong and Co on us has got to be a moron.


Racist or sexist?


you forgot one



Penny Wong is awesome.


I just don’t like her. That’s still ok in this day and age right? Plus she promotes the kind of thinking that assumes I’m racist or homophobic because I don’t like Wong.


Any examples?


I don’t get the liking or disliking of a person.

Policies don’t (and shouldn’t) have personalities.


My first house in the early seventies was in Kensington, it was $24,000. I think my First Home Buyers Grant was $800. In the good old days, I earned $100 a fortnight. It was $2.50 to fill up my V.W. Beatle. Used to shop for veggies and meat etc @ the Vic Market it cost about $25 fortnightly.

I rented out two rooms, also worked at a cleaning job five nights a week and paid all the extra off my house. Paid it off in just over five years.

From memory you had to have a proven savings record with the bank, had to have a quarter of the minimum deposit of $6000 and a fifth of your wage on your mortgage payments.