Australian Politics, Mark II


Jesus, Smooth. Do some basic research, man.


And Tampa. He is the father of hate and demonisation.


Wow that was a response to a post from long ago.

Early 1970s, those were the days, except for the Bombers.


How about him not being part of this current LNP, the worst government we have ever had?


Surely a former union official is better than a trainee priest or marketing exec.


That award went to Kevin 07


Kevin’s 07 is a clear second, this one is the most disfintiona


Have you lost your mind. Abbott is second.


I count Abbot/Turnbull/Scomo as all the same one


I stand corrected. My apologies.


I had that once. It was not good. :smirk:


A couple of grants announced last night by Fydenberg last night before the boom went down - a few million for a special school in Kew and $10 million for Holocaust centre in Elsternwick .
And I was looking forward to another bravura performance by Wong in Senate Estimates re Helloworld and questions to CSIRO on Adani. A couple of WA Libs can catch up on their sleep tonight


I’m not up to my rules of politics but those senators who are on the six (?) year terms could have continued with the questioning no? Does it stop forever or will the questioning resume once parliament resumes?



Pretty sure all of Parliament goes into recess. You can’t just have half the Senate sitting.


I’ll vote for any major party that sticks their neck out for Assange.

Absolute travisty, both sides of politics should be voicing their disgust at his arrest.


Bit of a long read but lots of proof and images linked to the article.

About a beetroot and taylor.


So we’re back on the farm this month & here’s another great yarn we found.

It’s about the unbelievable luck of one of the Liberal Party’s rising stars, his mysterious business connections in the Cayman Islands & the water we all paid for but never got.

Let’s call him Mr X.


No go on that link Souly. :no_mouth:


Parliament dissolved, which means all Committee work stops. As Estimates is a standing committee, those issues can be taken up when a new Parliament starts. However the momentum is lost and under caretaker conventions, the opposition would have no access to public servants ( and Ministerial access Is limited to essential business).
So, the opposition has lost the chance to obtain the results of DFAT investigations whether Hockey met DFAT standards re Helloworld behaviour.
And Labir and the Greens will be unable to quiz CSIRO on the advice it gave Price on Adani ( although some of that may have already emerged).
If Labor gets in, I doubt Hockey would stay on in Washington. Brandis might be a bit more secure in London.
Labor has signalled that it might review the very recent appointments to various Councils and Statutory bodies, when 15 Coalition linked appointees were selected.
Government has supply, but there is some doubt whether the Government tax cuts could kick in by 1 July, as the final legislative processes are not completed,


Well well well looks like someone doesn’t like it. Been taken off twitter.