Australian Politics, Mark II


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Guardian and Canberra Times have been running stories on Angus Taylor and his brother


This links Barnaby as well.


I read it all just then.

Suggested that Angus Taylor and Barnaby Joyce are crooks and that Taylor likes setting up businesses in the Caymans.



Did you just tell Soulman what the thing he posted was about, & said?



I would love to see him booted out.


You think this bloke is some sort of hero huh ?

Let’s see what British Law does with him. I would expect Australian Government to offer normal support it gives to Citizens arrested overseas, but no more than that.

Wonder what those Australian Service men and women, and their Families and Friends , who had their lives put further at risk by Wikileaks think ?


Maybe not a hero but think the feeling in here is overwhelmingly in support of Assange. Is this one of the times you have to toe the party line?


That’s because he is a hero, and it would be nice if you stopped spouting CIA talking points because there is zero evidence that the Manning / WikiLeaks disclosures resulted in the deaths of servicemen/women.


No idea what the ALP has to say about him.

I would have happier if Julian just faded away in his room at the Embassy with his cat. Waste of space as a human being.


Maybe you should take a walk through the Austin Hospital at Heidelberg and you will see who the heroes are.

Julian is a narcissistic piece of crap.


You’ve obviously met him then to make such assertions? Award winning journos like our very own John Pilger and others like Sy Hersh think he’s one of the great publishers of our generation but year he’s some ‘narcissist’

Whether you like him or not, the treatment that he’s had to endure has been absolutely disgusting. All for publishing the truth. If you’re against publishing the truth, you’re another courtier for the establishment/plutocracy or whatever you want to call them.


A description that could never apply to a politician. I reckon a lot of those heroes in hospital beds would have more rage in reserve for the turds that sent them out there in the first place. Might even have learned a thing or two from the leaks about just why they were foisted on to the murky front. Anyway, has its own thread, back to Barnacle Juice and Handsome Angus, the fukking crooks.


You can stil pick it up on some twitter accounts, tweeters are reposting it


That would be me not having a twitter account then. “Oops, we’re having a narky old man issue…”. Still, it’s the first link that appears for a search on Barnaby Angus water, certainly odd that it’s been kyboshed as well


I have not met him. Have not met you and I have an opinion about you; right or wrong.

I really do not care about Julian, but reckon your hero adulation and assertion that he has been badly treated is a worry. He is a criminal who has sexually assaulted a woman in Sweden and broken all sorts of other laws; yet you think he has bene badly treated.

Truth; you can’t handle the truth !!


Don’t think you need a twitter account to read. Try [email protected]


Yep could apply to a few politicians.

If you really care, go to the Repat and talk with some of the returned service people. Some are angry with ADF and Vet Affairs for their treatment both in and out of the forces, but all have told me that they went to Afghanistan, for example, as a volunteer. Now there are still a number of ex-Vietnam Vets around the place, but they do talk about it much; except for their anger at the reception they received on their return.


So try him for that in Sweden?


Think it’s more about what likely extradition to the US may represent for journalism and transparent government globally. You don’t like the guy Bacchus, and you’ve based that on what you’ve read and seen, fair enough. He does seem like a git and if the Swedish story is more than just a story then he’s an abusive git. But you also tear people to shreds for pointing out Bill is a damp squib, and an opportunist with shocking man boobs, which he does come across as. For the record I don’t care about either bloke personally, but what they represent is a different, more complex story. You can’t have it both ways. What if I said you come across as a Bill acolyte who worships him as a hero?