Australian Politics, Mark II


Well, Barnaby is a well known campaigner


Has anyone here seen VICE? Some one seems to have stolen the idea of inheritance tax from that movie.
In Vice, it is called Estate tax, and Cheney wants to get rid of it, so he does a focus group on the tax but gives it 2 names.
One on the name “Death tax”, the other “Estate tax” (or inheritance tax) The Pleb focus groups where Ok with estate tax as it sounded like a Rich person being taxed, but against Death tax as it sound macabre and unfair.
So he renamed Estate tax to death tax and then had it removed so it would be popular.
I heard about the Inheritance tax thing on 774 abc radio from a talk back caller… and all i could think was… didn’t i just watch that on the movie VICE?
I could be wrong, but the coincidence is creepy. the Labour person being interviewed denied it.

I gotta say, pretty clever who clicked to run that though… and to be honest i think labour would if it could, but probably wouldn’t as it is unpopular for the swinging bourgeois vote… hey allready have Negative gearing.


Here’s something for you all: I have checked with all the Christians I know and every single one of them is voting for Labor, not a single one is even considering about voting Liberal.


Ditto all the angry alcoholic chefs I know.


Australia was about the first western country to abolish death duties, at federal level in 1978, Queensland abolished them at State level in 1977.
Apparently, there were many exemptions granted (e.g for widows and dependent children) and people got round it with family trusts ( a big issue for the family farm)



Thanks for posting that


Well many catholics are labour voters… like collingwood supporters who are unemployed car thieves… who do you think they would vote for? there sinners, they are going to support who supports there leaching.




Interesting, i was not too sure on the history of it in Oz…
But, it was strange it came up at he same time the movie VICE did.


IceTemple is definitely not a Catholic.

Personally, i think your post is the post of a deadset prick.


More to come from Michael West tomorrow, something about the Cayman Islands and involvement of the CBA. The Guardians and ABC are now reporting on it, other MSM journos inhibited.


of course not, Essendon is a protestant club… we would never vote labour.



And I am not RCC, sort of like a Baptist (protestant).


Technically it is a football club

and the chairman will probably vote Labor fwiw


So the Christians you where asking, where the RCC? or WASP?


Why do you present yourself as a bigoted trolling ignoramus ?

Surely it can’t be because that’s what you are…


Do you have a point?


Tanner may not… he works for a big bank that does saving loans… and Insurance… which the labour party are not keen on considering there push for a royal inquisition into the banks… maybe he has gone full liberal now??


LABOR LABOR LABOR, it isn’t hard to get it right.