Australian Politics, Mark II


erghh… you were the one wildly stating that Christians you spoke to where voting labour, im asking which ones… that was my point.


As I am protestant I would assume it wasn’t hard to work out. Also if you can’t be bothered to get it right then I will bow out.


There their What wot, Sort Sought… who cares they can can be understood in context… if you cant work it out, it says more about you.


I dont, your the one trolling, by creating a strawman argument. “your a ignoramus”… so im supposed to defend and argue that im not? atleast you could have given me a reason for why i am.

pure ad hom attacks when you cant think of anything else… weak.


‘Catholics vote for Labor because they’re sinning leechers’ was pretty compelling evidence.


well i cant help when the truth looks like trolling can i?
Look im full christian… i even believe the Jesus rose from a massive flogging and being murdered after 3 days.

point i was making you would expect Christians to be labor voters… as they are known sinners and work in there own self interest… thats how it works.

Even abbot in his earlier days is more labor than liberal… true… his hero was B. A. Santamaria who helped split from the communists… to the democratic labor party… of course it no longer exists, but you will find abbot not far from true labor values in alot of ways… but current labor less so.


You’re so wise in the ways of…well, pointless weird stereotypes, I guess.


Well stereotypes are mostly true… i mean they are generalizations based on a factual premise… it would be for you to prove it as a faulty generalization.

maybe the issue is christians who vote labour are not true christians? and its the premise i have wrong?


I have no interest in attempting to disprove your personal theories on religious/political affiliation any more than I’d care to debate a flat-weather, and certainly not in finding out what you consider a true Christian to be.

I assume you’d discount yourself, although again, please don’t assume I care at all why.

Like flat-earthers, it’s the self-aggrandising idiocy itself that fascinates. Not the debate.


I just wish the ballot papers had a box for “VACANT”.

So if you deem that none of the candidates are worthy, you tick that box, and we have one less politician for the four years or whatever.

Actually, just get rid of all of them.


As it has already been pointed out to you, it is the LABOR Party

My Sister is RCC and a Liberal Party Member, she tells me that the Victorian Liberal Party is being taken over by two extreme right Christians groups, Mormon and Anglican.

And as for Tony Abbott having Labor values ! Maybe you need to troll a bit more and ask your teachers at school when you return from holidays.



The Spirit of Inquiry is strong in you my son. You’re drunk on it


Sheedy, Daniher, Madden, Lloyd, Lucas, Foulds for starters.

All good protestants.

My grandfather was a committeeman in the 30’s, and a Catholic.


Wasn’t Jesus a terrorist and therefore rightly dealt with under the prevailing law?


Maryanne Slattery, of the Australia Institute has also produced some solid research.


I assume you are being a smartarse because of the person you quoted, but no. Yes that is what the religious leaders claimed to Pilot and what Pilot was forced to execute him for but as he had not done any demonstrations, called for Rome and Ceasar to be usurped and told his disciples not to actually fight back then, no, he was not a terrorist.



If the bloke who actually wrote the myth of JC who around today he probably would have made him more of an urban terrorist fighting for the people.


And there would still be billions of weak, gullible people who live their lives around a fairytale