Australian Politics, Mark II


Said it before, & I’ll say it again ,… JC was a socialist kicking against the prickz and starting to gain a large following of passionate dissenters, … and the rich Capo’s feeling threatened wanted him silenced, but couldn’t do it themselves for fear of creating a martyr, so had someone else do their dirty work, who hung him out to dry, … so to speak.


Who’s Pilot when he’s not in the Virgin Lounge?


Pilate. As I’m pretty sure you knew.


I will play the game, young Mr Devils, as JC is a myth used to keep Acemans weak and gullible under control.

Anyway in my read of the fable, JC was a communist and part of a dictatorial regime. He is portrayed as benevolent, but not so his Dictator Dad, who killed his subjects according to his whims and had weapons of mass destruction at his disposal.


You said that much more eloquently than I could BF :grinning:


That’s an interesting take on it, Bacchus!


It will be interesting to hear what you say when you face Him.


There surely can’t be enough room in hell for all of us sinners is there?
If child rapists like Pell and the other pedos the church protect are going to heaven I’d probably rather be in hell personally


Not everyone who goes to a church is automatically saved.


Yeah I’m sorry but I just can’t get behind a god who inflicts kids with cancer but allows rock spiders like Pell to live a long and healthy life. That just doesn’t sit well with me


God doesn’t inflict anyone with cancer. But you probably already know what is really going on so i won’t bother.


Technically no one who goes to church is automatically saved.


From my 13 years in baptist schooling, Jesus was essentially a more hipster Bernie Sanders.

A Jewish, carpenter turned social activitist campaigning against the powerful establishments neglect of the masses who inspired a loyal cult-like following among said people.

An activist who was ultimately undermined and defeated by the ‘leaders’ of his own caste, who had long since abandoned their roots and their base, in preference of maintaining their own personal power by buddy-ing up with the those truly in power.


I like to picture Jesus with giant eagle wings singing lead vocals for Lynyrd Skynyrd with an angel band, and I’m in the front row just hammered drunk.


Mushrooms have been known to have that effect.


Not related to this thread (like most of the god-bothering above), but fark those farkers in Sri Lanka. Stings more when you were there four weeks ago.


And then Neil Young rises from beneath the stage and smites all y’all hillbilly ahsses



This is basically the Libs trying to enforce a horse-and-cart quota.


Yeah it’s sad alright. We went to one of the cinnamon hotels


Very sad. Have a lad from our footy side going there for a 7 month working stint in 3 weeks time but I’d imagine with 8 bomb blasts now that he is reassessing his options