Australian Politics, Mark II


Yeah, so Labor are preferencing Fydenburg over Burnside??



Maybe it’s the Labor voters themselves preferencing Labor-Liberal-Green despite ALP preferring Labor-Green-Liberal?


Nope, how-to-votes will preference Greens, but internal polling suggests that Labor voters will split preferences to Libs and Greens.

Labor has done a massive job " phone banking" as they call it, with personal calls to nearly 60% of voters in that electorate over the past 6 weeks.

Evil old hags like my big Sister would vote Liberal first and then preference Labor before Greens, so I assume Labors voters in this place of the rich and mindless would also not preference Greens.

I actually expect Greens to have a disaster this election, no inside information, just a gut feeling.


… aaaaand as reliable as clockwork:

"Speaking of Josh Frydenberg, he spoke to Shalom Australia radio this morning as well, where he was asked about the vandalism of his posters:


Well, I think those swastikas and moustaches, you know, Hitler-like moustaches that were painted on to my billboards were really an insult to not only the victims of the Holocaust, but to every Australian serviceman and woman who served in our armed forces, fighting Nazi tyranny. It just shows you that some people are ignorant of the lessons of history and the horrors of history – and I will continue to promote tolerance in our community, but more importantly also to ensure that people remember those traumatic events in world history and how unacceptable it is for those memories to be revived and for those Nazi signs to be daubed on election material or indeed any public space.

The Morrison government is also providing $10m to Melbourne’s Jewish Holocaust Centre, which will expand the size of the museum, as its educational activities reach even more Victorians. I’m very proud of what the Holocaust Centre has been able to achieve and with this contribution of $10m it will continue to do outstanding work.[/quote]

So predictable.


It seems strange that they’d rather vote in a lib than a green who’s probably (as BF said is quite labory) going to vote with them on everything but refugees


If the $10m was not in the budget, but an election promise, that would be $10m promise towards the Libs election campaign in McNamars, where the Lib candidate claims she is more Jewish than the ALP candidate.


Who’s the leader of the Greens Party?


Bit of a shower thought here with no real substance…

The 5% deposit thing - didn’t something like this help drive the housing bubble in the US last decade?


They still have to be able to afford the loan, just because they have 5% deposit and effectively don’t have to pay LMI as the Government has guaranteed it (on average around $7000), the bank can still reject the loan on the basis of the person not being able to afford weekly payments. And plus it’s only for 10,000 people (total for last year was 110,000) so it’ll be a small effect. Basically from what I can see it will have very little impact and basically a publicity stunt which Labour was forced to match otherwise they’d have gotten the “see we do something and you don’t” days from an election and they know how little difference it might make.




What it would do, is drive House prices up again so the 7k or whatever is eaten up by inflation etc. just as the FHBS did, … as long as Neg gearing for established homes is still in place at least.


Thanks for the response. I’m learnding



So much for Cabinet in the system of government. Morrison admits that the housing proposal did not go through Cabinet, just as the the idea of shifting the Embassy to Jerusalem in the Wentworth by election ( a thought bubble by the Liberal candidate who has a company with Israeli interests).
Pulling rabbits out of hats - or, in this case the ScoMo baseball cap.


He really has taken a Presedential campaign to the next level. Which is odd because he’s not that popular and wasn’t voted in by the public.


LNP reaching out to the battlers, with real estate agents such as Raine and Horne part financing the campaign. Renters being swamped with their flyers that rents will go up under ALP negative gearing plans - on the basis of LNP assessments slammed by ACOSS and not founded on any Treasury work.


Another town, another liberal MP who isn’t allowed to talk to the media.


The sooner we pass a truth in media law the better for us all.

Mind you, what will the media do if it does pass?


To be fair, the media exposed the latest Morrison ploy…


Well crap is crap.