Australian Politics, Mark II


Also how is Belle Gibson not in jail?


Haha, the real Chris Bowen is emerging. After an ABC journo called him Mr Morrison at the end of an interview, he responds to the effect that it was a robust interview but did he perform that badly?
Compare the substance of Bowen to the fluff that Frydeneberg talks and avoids debating the hard economic issues. Sometimes Bowen seems wooden, but his is less so now as he gains in confidence.


A new Government and an Essendon win on Saturday Night…



I’ve got serious reservations in the 11th hour about Labor opening up the NT to fracking.

Could be a deal breaker for me honestly. It’s environmentally irresponsible.


Come on Ben, my friend — why don’t you back the Labor candidate in Kooyong ?

JANA STEWART. She’s great, and she’s the one candidate who really belongs there…


Hello beni !!!

NT government announced this on April 17th. I know you live in Qld, but hardly farking 11th hour.

And read all about it; rules and regulations around this are about the strongest anywhere in the world.


I just have serious reservations about Labor full stop. You can’t trust them with the economy.


I am hearing a lot of people worried about Labor running the economy (usually these people are very quite when it comes to elections)

Fingers crossed - they can make an impact

We will find out Saturday


I’ve already voted, mind you I’m in Shorten’s electorate so there’s no chance he will get thrown out in his own seat.


I don’t think you’re joking. Fark, this country is so dumb.


Ladies and gentlemen, you have just seen further evidence of the effectiveness of the Murdoch propaganda machine.


Labor manage the economy better than the Liberals.

Labor manage the economy better than the Liberals.

Labor manage the economy better than the Liberals.

Labor manage the economy better than the Liberals.

Labor manage the economy better than the Liberals.

It’s really not difficult.


Scomo a man of the people
Does he go for anyone in Aussie rules or is he a nrl lover?

The greens small business idea of doubling the gst registration threshold for small business from $75k to 150k and also for not for profits is a great one imo.

Probably the best kick startup small business can get out of all parties.

And more people might declare over 70-74k if they didn’t lose 10% gst.


Peter Costello manages the economy better than everybody.


I just feel like rich people know what’s best for the rest of us because otherwise how come they’re rich, right?


He won the lottery and blew it all on hookers and coke.

Then Swan fixed his ineptitude.


After the Labor Government got us through the GFC in better shape than most other countries, the only criticism that the LNP can make of that is “pink batts “ - which was caused by private sector employer negligence in rorting the system.
What about Howard raiding the Future Fund to finance tax cuts? What about the Hockey budget, which was so bad it cost him his career as a politician? And, after the carryon about the ALP debt truck, debt rose under the LNP


The cons have never had qualms about lying directly in order to retain status quo. They do it as nasty little student politicians and they never grow out of it because it works and thus is the natural order of things. Repeat the lies enough and you have government of the born to rule over the grateful pleb.

And then you’ve got the outright buying of people’s consciences. How many renters and young couples looking to buy do you reckon will be conned into changing their vote at this last post from a general welfare vote to a selfish me vote by a completely unchecked and foolish scheme?


Australia borrowed $150 mil yesterday.


(I actually think borrowing now is smart)


Are they gone yet?