Australian Politics, Mark II


Just wow


I wouldn’t be overly concerned if it was an end to her life.

Useless, irrelevant out of touch racist, homophobic piece of ■■■■.


That perspective isn’t unusual.
I know there are differences between the parties, but this cataclysmic stuff…
You know the ALP have been in power before, right?
And when they are in power, people with a job and a house and an international holiday every year…oh, the ALP are ruining society!
Take a walk!
Have a look around.
Is society ruined? Really?


She’s gone over the edge. Time for serious continual medication and a rubber room.



I lover assessment of franking credits.

We must protect cash refunds under franking credits to pensioners. Otherwise they would be leaches on pensions.

News Flash- we are already giving them cash they are already “leaching” off the system.


Haven’t seen her rant but have always thought she is an irrelevant moron.


But she just swung a bunch of oldies cos she’s Kak and Kak is a ‘national treasure’ who speaks only the ‘common sense’.


I do agree with this somewhat. I’ve never been for this whole “the world is going to end” crap regardless of who wins power. Just scaremongering rubbish. Labor will be returned to power and the world will move on. At the end of the day I can’t see it affecting me either way who is in



Unfortunately she’s not irrelevant as long as she has a national soapbox from which to spew her idiocy to a similarly stupid yet substantial audience.


I think it will affect me, but in incremental and perhaps intangible ways.
Doctors appointments will be marginally more expensive.
Less investment in infrastructure.
Falling behind the rest of the world on renewable energy, which I guess will ultimately be more expensive.
A more conservative, repressive media.
More blame, more splitting of Australia in to real ones and others.

But overall, me and mine will be fine either way.


Does anyone actually take notice of these idiots though?
Most of the public would see them as the grandstanding morons they are.
Or am giving too much credit to the Australian public?


Do yourself a favour.
Don’t check how many people voted ON or UA in this election.


That could be said of any government anywhere though couldn’t it. You are never going to find a party that pleases everyone. There are always winners and losers and the best you can hope for personally is that they roughly balance each other out or have a backup plan in place :rofl:


Yeah but I can sort of see how the public can be swayed by a politician or political party (even if they are poor choices) but I can never understand how people could be swayed by absolute nothings like Koch, KAK etc who are just glorified television hosts


I mentioned it earlier but the wording of everything is too over dramatic.

World is going to end
We’ll never be the same again
Worst ever
Country will be ruined


Debates used to have reasoning behind your words but now it’s give your opinion and don’t tell us how you came to that opinion. Also exaggerate the cons as much as possible even if it doesn’t make sense.


Don’t check the ratings for MAFS either.


Ok, point taken :rofl:


Sadly, yes. My New Idea-reading stepmother would, although my politically astute father would set her straight pretty quick (most incompatible couple ever to marry).
You’re probably right about ‘most’ of the public, but it’s the brainless minority that worries me as they still have influence (see One Nation, etc etc).


How many people that you previously thought were sensible post insane, uncredited, undocumented political garbage on facebook?

I find that really scary.