Australian Politics, Mark II


What’s more scary is that with the algorithms in place it keeps pumping out more of the same stuff to the person.

This person liked the ad that says Labor are going to force you to install a car charger (this is real btw, the ad, not the policy) will get more bs like this.



Labor getting in being “end of life as we know it” is a good thing, right?


I’m not sure how rents can be expected to rise while property prices decline, but anyway, here’s a new level of political interference:


Same. Spoilt for choice as well.


correct…the only reason he isnt taking it off pensioners is that them along with the self funded retirees would vote him out.

That and also it is of little cost to him, as they mostly only get a $100 or $200 in franking credits from AMP Demerger or Private health insurance privatising or banks privatising


We’re all going to hell in a handbag I tells ya! The sky is falling!!!


Just call the franking tax refund change what it is a rich tax.
limit tax refunds from franking credits to $20,000 p.a that means that anyone with investments over $1,000,000 get cuaght out top end of town, and the poor baby boomers who worked thier arese off to just have enough super >$854,000 for a couple but not enough for a pension still get to keep theirs.

THen the majority of self funded retirees would be happy and vote labor in, as they too think someone getting $250,000 in franking credits is a rort.

E.g couple have $860k in super earning 5% per annum pension phase $43,000 Franking Credits of $18428
Total income $61428
lets just say they are drawing out $60,000 for a couple. P.A and can live comfortable to retirement.

if change happens they will be only getting $43,000 P.A - they will chew up their super and be fall back into needing the pension to supplment their income, and they might get a dollar or two there but have a lower quality of lifestyle.


It’s not even a tax.

It’s a saving.

We currently spend billions, giving cheque’s to a small population that’s untargeted and not means tested. By closing the loophole we reduce spending not increase taxes.


why should it be means tested?
They should get rid of it for pensioners too.


Everything Labor does is a tax, haven’t you heard? Taxes, taxes and MORE TAXES designed for no reason other than to ruin your life.


Currently we give cheque’s to anyone.

Billionaires that have structured their assets could get millions in refunds.

Some people are complaining that if we stop this program it will flip people to needing a pension. But a pension is means tested, worthy recipients will get it, the billionaire won’t.


“Room” is not the four-letter word I expected you to end your sentence with.


Worthy recipients, also people who gift enough of their assets to their children 5 years before they are pension age.

Or people whose retirement plan is to retire early, blow all their super then live on the pension


Serious question:

How come they’re allowed to borrow money like that when they’re a caretaker government pending a general election ? Isn’t that verging on criminal fraud ?


Whats their choice? Borrow more or declare bankruptcy, or don’t pay all the aged pensioners?


No apologies for re-posting the above. It’s Time !


Fark couples. If you’re single there’s this vast gap when retiring on between (roughly) $250K and $900K where the extra money doesn’t actually increase your take-home money. Plus losing pension status at $550K of assets denies you significant discounts.

It’s a perverse system that encourages you to burn the money on a bigger house or other unproductive one-off things, and claim more pension.


Thats more to do with the other countires going ■■■■ than Labor doing anything good. Thery gave money away to avoid a recession and stimulate the economy…a recession amy have been a good thing to drop house prices etc.
by 2013 the other countries had recovered from GFC and were heading abck in the right direction.


My mum has just enough assets to be over 550k. after my dad passed away.
if she had bought a bigger house could have got a pension …it is a bit ludicrus.
If she had given some $$$ to her kids then she would be eligible as well.