Australian Politics, Mark II




There’s no way the country would be short of cash during the three weeks of the election if the Tories were any good at finance. This is worse that Joe Hockey’s incompetence. Why not follow Lieberal precedent and raid the futures fund ?

Anyway, this money isn’t going to pay for essential items like the old-age pension or the dole — it’s going to pay for politicians’ junkets and ministerial jets, and let the fiscally challenged Labor lot pick up the tab…


KAK’s your mother, right ?


And whos Bill shortens mother in law?


Julian Burnside?


The Liberals are incompetent at finance since the initial government debt and key personnel leaving
Labor are too.
Labor have good ideas but dont implement them properly.

Liberals have no ideas and just say Labor cant manage the economy.


Surely not.

Point is, the Greens are absolutely running on the fumes of being nearly Labor.
I’ve lost faith in them.
I liked the Democrats at their death better.


My suspicion is that Labor’s franking credit refund won’t get through the Senate without some tweaking.

Ditto for negative gearing.

What i’d suggest is that all income be declared on your tax return (currently post-60 pension income isn’t reported on a group certificate or whatever they’re called now). Refunds then cut out on a total income of $x (say $75k). Maybe sliding scale dropping to zero at $100k).

You can negatively gear 1 or 2 properties. Maximum of 2.

No minors able to claim on either, to avoid rorting by income splitting.

That should placate people on the margins of being affected…like me…even though I don’t object to their current policy on franking credits.


I got a text from Cory Bernardi this morning. I responded appropriately.


Ha, I have a similar screen shot of my response to One Nation. However I would crop that number Noonan or you’ll get Blitz cold calls and they’re the worst


This should have always been the case.
Friggin’ obscene that it’s still not.
How the fark are people who don’t have one property subsidising those who have four, and how the fark is that a hard sell?


Just sent your number off to Bill. Expect a call.


Oh, I agree.

They’ve been absolutely invisible from what I can tell and tbh if I didn’t already know they exist I doubt I’d suspect that they exist.

Actually, no. One of my daughter’s is now voting age and she’ll definitely vote Green, and has declared as much. So yes, I’m aware they’re still around.


Here’s what the Murdoch rags look like at the moment online. There’s nothing weird about this, or anything really, it’s all just dandy.


How much is purely because of the name, do you think?
And how much is ‘not the Liberal party’?


Pravda (or maybe Der Sturmer)


90% the name at least, and that’s based entirely on previously enunciated social policies. I think there’s also a “Not liberal or Labor” factor. A “habit” vote (even though this is her first national election) . In fairness, I guess, every party has their rusted-on, unthinking voters.


Wasn’t having a go.


I know.


I thought I heard someone from the Liberal Party say they would not oppose any of Labors promises saying if you vote Labor you get the whole package.

Should be fun to watch.