Australian Politics, Mark II


Last year LMW asked me, ‘Which is the party that wants to share everything and which is the party that wants to make rich people richer?’


Not if Abbott’s back in control!


Both sides often say that in the lead up to an election, but they never follow through. Especially now there’s so many minor parties looking to peel disaffected voters off the alp and libs, voting for stuff your base hates is a good way to alienate your donors and voters, and allow the other mob to ask ‘if it’s so bad why did you all vote for it?’ down the track.


Sociopath but easy on the eye?


Good…Cory can get all the Blitz cold calls he can handle.

That’s the sending number, not mine.


Yeah…but who cares what you think? You’ve heard a whole heap of absolute crap.


Yes silly me. I feel a right Barnaby


I think the plan is they just won’t vote for it at all.
The principle being, you voted for it, you cop the consequences.

Personally I think the lefties on this blog deserve a shot at socialism just to give they a taste of what we went through under Whitlam.

I hope I live long enough to see that buffoon Bowen deliver on his promise of a budget surplus twice the size that the Liberals said they would hand down.

I am 75 yo and in all that time Labor have handed down one, and that was achieved by imposing the Medicare levy.


Whitlam screwed the country so bad the Liberals saved it and screwed it again within eight years.


As a self employed small business tradie, self interest suggests I should vote Liberal. Everything else suggests “get these friggin ■■■■■■ out of there”.

This ain’t a good election for Team Saladin, lol.


So you responded “The Greens and Liberal”?


Agreed - I also think stamp duty should be far higher for your 3rd, 4th, 20th property holding. Actually target this top end of town they keep trying to lob middle class families in with. Franking credits is another that could have easily been better targeted & then more widely accepted - its a bit of an own goal that if the race was close could have been a factor. High end investors will get around it because they can influence the way the companies pay dividends & I have no doubt will find other ways to offset the taxes already paid & it will be the lower end retirees who feel the brunt.


I don’t know who the Greens are. Don’t know who their leader is.
Don’t know what they stand for.
My one recollection of them is that they voted against a carbon price and mining tax.


I wonder whether recent vegan activism will have a negative effect on the Greens votes.

I know they’re not necessarily linked.


The more obvious link, the Animal Justice Party, is on a sharp upswing at their expense (well, at least for the primary votes).


Kind of up there with “Labor are bad economic managers”.

They voted against the insufficient measures that were proposed.


Hi. You’ve reached the Cory hotline…


I’m not small business, so don’t really know which party is actually better.

Are these policies good?

But equally you may be concerned about housing market impact on demand for trades etc, etc.


Yay for them, eh?


For not accepting a deal that would have allowed the majors to ignore climate change? And one that would have at its core the end consumer paying for carbon abatement while actually giving money to the largest polluters?

They played a long game based on a moral stand. Those crappy, wet lettuce proposals were no good and had elements in the registration that locked them in for long periods of time.

The political environment around climate change is vastly different now. Do you reckon that’s because of all the good work campaigning in that area that Labor and Liberal have been undertaking for decades?