Australian Politics, Mark II


How did you feel bout the massive debt that Hawke inherited from Faser, but still managed significant structural reforms, which have been acknowledged by Howard as setting the path for future prosperity.


Apparently Labor had a big announcement of environmental policy last week.

Of course it would not have been covered by the Murdoch propaganda machine, and I didn’t even hear about it on the ABC.

For anyone interested, this is the key points in the announcement:

  • Facilitate a national framework for building climate resilience, bringing together local and state governments, community groups, the business community, researchers and relevant Commonwealth agencies and departments. The national framework will provide the leadership that has been lacking under the Liberals to develop plans to adapt to climate impacts.
  • Re-invigorate the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) to support the creation and dissemination of research into local climate change impacts, through re-funding of the program with $3 million per year.
  • Introduce a $50 million Coastal Rehabilitation Fund, to work with communities, local governments, and the Australian Coastal Council Association to directly support coastal rehabilitation projects that restore beaches and adjacent coastal environments and improve their resilience.
  • Reform Australia’s environmental law, by passing a new Federal Environment Act.
  • Where possible, harmonise state and federal laws to minimise duplication.
  • Create a new Act which obligates the Australian Government to both protect and restore Australia’s environment.
  • Establishing a new national Environment Protection Authority with the mission to protect Australia’s natural environment and deliver rigorous compliance.
  • $200 million Urban Rivers and Corridors Program.
  • $90 million Plastics and Recycling Package.
  • More than $200 million to double the number of Indigenous Rangers over five years.
  • More than $400 million through the return of Great Barrier Reef Foundation grant, to be reinvested through public agencies
  • $30 million for Reef HQ.

I like the idea of clawing back some of the hundreds of millions that the Tories gave away to their mates in the Reef “foundation”.


I trust them far more with the economy than I do the environment, and I don’t trust the libs with either of those things.


This dog has the right idea.


Labor response to the GFC

  • guaranteed bank deposits to prevent a run on the banks banks and a collapse of The banking system
    -encouraged households to maintain retail expenditure , preserving employment in the retail and distribution sectors
  • construction work for schools, maintaining work for tradies


Do I think it’s because of Labor?
I told you, I don’t even know who the Greens leader is.
Haven’t seen an ad, billboard, radio, television, internet for the Greens.


For a party like the Liberals, who constantly get voted out of Government with the Economy in tatters… there is a delusional belief that they are economic experts compared to Labor.


Hint: same person as during The Saga.


The Weapon?


Four syllables of equal stress - probably too many for those accustomed to the Horsham dialect


Big reason for that, they now refuse corporate donations, so all advertising and election marketing was paid for by members. So they didn’t have a lot of money for advertising, I’d you didn’t see anything, it’s likely because you live in a seat they have no chance in.


I voted today. BF’s mob. It left a bitter taste but it’s done.


You know, the Qld Labor government gave the Great Barrier Reef Foundation about $13m of taxpayer coin only last year. Now, I get that there is a big big difference between $13m and nearly half a billion dollars but its’s still a lot of money. Question is, the fark why?


Big spend up in McNamara - no drought there


Last night had a live call to my home from some Liberal Party cork-soaker. Now tonite a pre-recorded call from Kelly O’Dwyer.

In my 25 years in Higgins I’ve never seen nor heard from the Liberals until this election. They must be shitt-ing in their pants that they’ll lose Higgins.

Politicians are scum.


I’m a bit surprised I’m not hearing more from the alp in Aston tbh. They held this seat right up until 2013, but they must have decided they have no chance this time. I hear nothing from them, while I get a new bit of waste paper from that IPA goon Tudge every second day. At least he’s graduated to ‘I’ll build a new car park at the station!’ from the big scary ‘I’ll save you from Muslim refugee terrorists’ stuff he started the campaign with…


I cbf looking for it, but I heard on the radio when the $400M was announced.

This money was quickly pushed out to beat a deadline for some global certification the reef has, perhaps via the UN? and the government needed to be seen to be doing something

Actually I’ll try and find it, but it was a radio interview.

  • [Double the GST registration threshold from $75,000 to $150,000 for small businesses, and $150,000 to $300,000 for not-for-profits. These thresholds will be indexed to inflation


I actually hope you don’t. And Bowen delivers a surplus on May 19th.


You will not regret it Comrade.

Adani will get canned.