Australian Politics, Mark II

Awful confirmation of bad thoughts I have about people I’m glad I don’t have to fraternise with if I can help it. Good post though Diggers to go with your good Indian and good win sans FFFFFRAAANKKKLIIIIN!!!

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Started off gracious in defeat, then banged on about the Unions and now is still rambling.

■■■■ off Bill, your time is done before it even started. If you showed genuine humility you’d have romped it in. But you shat the bed. Move on. Give it to Penny. She’s the only one with the balls, intellect and charm to pull it off in the next 4 years.

He really is hard to listen too. Nails down a black board hard


Yep. The business unit I work at got sold. The CEO of the business who bought us said to our faces in a meeting that unions are bad. Goodbye wage increases.

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Albanese putting his hand up already.

It’s the way he drops intona

tion ,. . at the end of every, … sen



Lol… yes, well said

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Not all investment properties are negatively geared. I agree that negative gearing is a distortion of the market and that investors don’t deserve to be subsidised by others but there are plenty of savvy investors that know how to profit without relying on negative gearing. I have an investment property, the rent I receive is greater than the interest I pay and has been since day one so I don’t get any tax breaks.


Unions are 100% necessary, but unfortunately due to dodgy associates they have a shithouse reputation. Also having had to deal with a union lately, certain people in them do shithouse things just to feather their own nest. I’m still a member though.


If you want to protect what you got because you were lucky enough to grow up in a time where you took advantage of it then so be it, even at the cost of the current generation. It’s pure self preservation and self interest, but that’s fine, each to their own. Just don’t call the current generation whingers and “have it easy” when most these boomers had their d*cks kissed by lady luck to grow up in such an easy time for them financially speaking. Good on you for working hard, but everyone fcking works hard. Many, many people work holidays to make ends meet and work extra jobs to stay afloat. You’re not the only boomer to say that with a straight face whilst complaining about the youth not working hard when you have no idea how hard they work and also giving your own team a 8 goal head start by voting for rules that make a level playing field unattainable.


Sure, but hand it to him for running a party for a long time and getting up a good platform. We don’t vote for a president here, but actually it seems we do. If you think this country, this massively divided country, will vote for a gay Asian woman there’s some rocks up top. Much as I like the suggestion and no offence.


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It’s given me the shitts for nearly 6 years now, … along wif some uvver fings he does when he speaks.

They had it closer than the opinion polls. Liberal had come right in.

the same opportunity still exists today…we have people off the street within 2 years earning 6 figures and many young people cant believe it…a lot dont last beause its too hard a lot love it and want to get ahead…

Yep, Tories have long shown they are no respecters of truth or principles, so will have nor problem saying one thing when the pollsters are out to express an opinion.

But when it comes down to it on Election day, they will come back to their favoured position just like ‘dogs returning to their own vomit’.

Pls explain?

And who be “we”?


So the same opportunity exists for a very small minority group of workers that want to work in the coal industry? What about the other 99.9% of workers that don’t have the 8 goal headstart?

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we be train drivers…

So you’re saying someone completely unqualified “off the Street”, can become a 6 figure earning Train Driver within 2 years?


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