Australian Politics, Mark II


Do people really expect a state isn’t going to go after people who publish state secrets.

It’s not about whether the material is in the public interest for national security or defence matters. If the state chose not to pursue leaking of state secrets they wouldn’t have any secrets for long.

I applaud the people who do release this stuff knowing full well they will be destroyed, it’s incredibly brave and we owe them.

But the realist in me knows it will allways be this way.


Nope, I have the gripes with the Journalists. I could name names of eager young Journos who used to hunt me down when I was Mayor for a story, who had all the idealism of youth and the high journalistic principles drilled into them at University. I watched them change into vultures, fighting for a story, just to get their name in the paper. Some are now “star” writers for Fairfax, and have no principles and any idealism is dead, just for their own glory. They create stories like all good fiction writers and then sell them to their Boss.


Stories ? That Soldiers kill people !! Your average Qld moronic voter, loves Soldiers killing people.

You are still young enough to think Voters can be swayed with truth and justice. Will never happen in this Country; look what we continue to do to our Indigenous Brothers & Sisters, and most of your Qld neighbours, still want to poison the water-holes.


You’re making my argument for me.

If management is directing editors to favour content from staff who behave like that. what do you think is going to happen? Journos aren’t all just operating on free will while their boss chomps on a cigar and shouts “bring me pictures of Spider-Man”


OK, maybe Management sets the Agenda, but these arsewipe, sad excuses for journos do not have to comply.


That’s true, but I’m hoping just enough smart moral driven people in the south can be swayed by this sort of thing coming to light.


Oxymoron of the highest order. No-one like this exists in Australia


Following this in Europe. It was not a raid on the ABC. It was the execution of a search warrant. Pretty routine. As for threat to freedom of press, this relates to the unlawful disclosure of classified material. All security clearance holders know their obligations. We have the IGIS, professional standards and parliamentary committees that have mechanisms to report to if, as a security holder, you have concerns.


I don’t know, Humble Minion gives it a fair shake…


So is the warrant to find information that we’ll help ascertain the leak? Because the press is allowed to protect their source if it is decided it’s in the pubic interest to publish information from the documents leaked.


Pay rises for politicians just a few weeks AFTER the election.
Scum bags the lot of them


I haven’t read the warrant. But typically ut is used to secure evidence or furyher investigations through lead discovery. Presumably seeking evidence of the source of the classified disclosure.


So it’s not really against any of the journos, it’s the source of the leak


Democracy broken? Why because the Australian people decided against voting in the economic and social vandals sometimes known as Labour?

Basically you support democracy as long as it goes your way. I’d recommend Venezuela for you so you can experience socialism in all it’s beauty.

Anyway enjoy your travels. One less left wing Looney in the country can onlt be a good thing :grinning:.


In the case of the ABC, the source is known - David McBride, a legal military expert, who exhausted internal processes before passing documents to some ABC journalists. I sense that part of the AFP exercise is to establish precisely which documents are held, linked to McBride’s upcoming trial ( which will be in a closed court and will prevent McBride from referring to any aspects of the trial under a security suppression order).
The warrant relates to a provision of the Crimes Act current at the time, but which gives the ABC less cover than legislation now in force. There seems to be a question whether the ABC should be allowed to retain and display the documents -a joke as they are all over the internet in multiple digital forms


As to the number of search warrants on the media I can only recall one which was made public -Philip Dorely, in part connected to his access to classified material in his previous employment as a public servant.
Public servants are drilled on security and are subject to ongoing surveilllance (heightened after a leak). Not so the Ministerial staffers, who have access to confidential material.


I understand the sentiment BF. Seems we have had our Trump / Brexit moment where the dinosaurs inexplicably vote for the meteor.

But what guarantees Spain won’t follow the same dark path as Italy, Hungary, Austria, Poland? The Nazis are on the rise in the West. Could be frying pan / fire for you.


Love it.

Stealing it.


You are welcome - steal away


Canberra Times this evening.

The Australian Federal Police is bracing for fresh scrutiny over its decision to raid major media organisations after officers quietly abandoned a separate investigation into who leaked classified national security advice at the height of a major political dispute over border protection.

The leak, which Australia’s top spy decried as “seriously damaging” and Labor claimed was orchestrated by the Morrison government to discredit proposed laws to fast track asylum seeker medical transfers, was referred to police by Department of Home Affairs secretary Michael Pezzullo earlier this year.