Australian Politics, Mark II


In my working life, I ran across more than a few MBA’s who were absolutely useless…but put on board by the consulting firms to give them experience, and probably charging the client three times the rate of the subject experts.


Don’t get me started on consulting firms. I have no doubt the partners are probably very intelligent and informed but a lot of those under them just have the gift of the gab. their actual work and knowledge is petty embarrassing but the funding model these firms operate under encourages those at the top to hire substandard performers who can just fill a contract and bring in money to the firm. Providing accurate and informed advice is probably of very little importance but the nature of consulting allows this because the dud consultant moves to a new contract by the time a client realises how [email protected] their advice has been. so sad.

Tales of workplace ineptitude

reduced to 45k but with a lower percentage at the lower incomes (1% at 45).
the real difference is that the thresholds now change off cpi compared to awe.


Yet a centrelink debt is taken at 15% @ 18k.
Degree owners getting off easily.


Should go retrospectively hunting of 50k from all the boomers who only had to pay a few hundred in student union fees.


You will pay more tax to fund their retirement and you will like it.


Just get citizenship via parentage to another aging population, that’ll show aust.


The head fck occurs when you realise the following.

Your young earning decent(say 100) trying to save for a house. Your 30k in tax paid is given as a pension to a boomer that owns their own house and has 1 mill in super earning tax free income. Take from the young and poor and give it to the old and rich.


or you could just game the system by reducing your gross salary to stay under the 45k threshold and never pay your debt back. do it by taking part time hrs, salary sacrifice into super, or even lease a car. i’m sure there are plenty of other ways too


How the ■■■■ do you save for a house while working part time or salary sacrificing into super? Bear in mind that house prices keep on skyrocketing while wages are flat.

I mean sure, there’s way to avoid paying your HECS back, but only at the expense of hamstringing every other aspect of your financial life.


i don’t think doing that for 50 years of your life whilst your debt keeps getting indexed at the cpi rate is a sustainable method for most people. especially those who don’t run there own business to maximise their deductions.


You lot should have just worked harder to win a Commonwealth Scholarship to fund your university education like I did.


This country could do a lot better for both Centrelink recipients and University graduates.


And most other citizens.


Cap on how many houses you can own sounds good.


i already regret entering this thread :frowning:


You’re just another blooody Lefty.


Thing is, Therese are tones of low wage earners that got sucked into those scams from places like Avoca collage and wracked up 15k debts for diplomas that aren’t worth anything that the only reason they haven’t been forced to pay it back hand over fist is they still can find a job that pays over 50k, these people who aren’t probably feeding families off 750 bucks a week


That’s all very well, and Commonwealth Scholarships weren’t that hard to earn, provided you had brains and knew how to use them — but how was a kid from a working class family supposed to support himself as a fulltime Uni student ?


or get a job with the public service or a large company. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a post grad paid for me plus company time off to study.