BBFFL#2 2017 Discussion


@Bargey is absolutely dominating but wth Plowman a late out he will only have 17 scorers.

Selection could cost me as well. Neal-Bullen sitting on the bench with a 104 which will fortunately count unless Greenwood is a later inclusion whilst Callum Sinclair my 2nd emergency is already on 54 half way through the 2nd quarter.


Bargey is going to run away with this easily with his 17 men. Franklin going bananas and not one player letting him down so far other than Lynden Dunn - even Sam Gray has gone massive sitting on 127 at the moment.

Too good mate. Well done.


BBFFL#2 Grand Final Progressive Scores

Conargo Bulls 1175 from 14 with scores to come B Goddard, E Yeo, J Jenkins and H Crozier - not if H Greenwood is a late inclusion than the 104 from Neal-Bullen is removed

Bargey 1360 from 13 with scores to come from B Houli, S Mitchell S Jacobs and K Lambert.


Fizzer. Congrats Barge. This is a really tough competition to win, and your team has been really well put together.


Looks like some late adjustments. I think its Red 1169 vs Barge 1364.


Just fixed Bargey’s bench. Too good mate. Congrats.




That’s just ridiculous from Barge. Would have had 1800 if he wasn’t in the US.

Bad luck RB, but I dont feel too sorry for you, you’ll be back there next year.


Congrats Bargey and bad luck RB. Haven’t been around much lately due to a holiday and a few issues. Will write up a vey poor ‘finished in the bottom four again’ season report soonish.


Well done Barge on the premiership I predicted in March, and well done Redbull in finishing 13 positions above where I thought. Looking forward to smashing you carnts once again in 2018. When are we having the BBFFL2 xmas dinner??


How did the finishing positions look compared to your pre-season projections?


BBFFL#2 Grand Final Result
Bargey 1750 defeated Redbull 1475


I will try to knock over the Merv Neagle medal this week and also will provide some stats re Bargey’s great win.


Well that’s a shock I honestly didn’t think I had much of a chance with Pendles and Barlow done for the year. Having Buddy and Sammy kick sixteen goals between them certainly helped, and if was good to have Boydy back again. He sure went out in style. Shame I was asleep when the Ben Reid withdrawal happened or I would have beaten the all time scoring record. I’m guessing 1750 would be the highest score ever by a team copping a donut by quite some margin.

Bad luck to RB and Smooth who in my opinion have better squads than I do currently. RB coming from nowhere last year to make the GF this year was a remarkable achievement. And well done to all the coaches (even Wes) for another very competitive season with not much difference between the sides.


Grats Bargey :slight_smile:


Here it was. I need to compare these results to the actuals, but at least it picked the winner. Lets not look at WOB.


Congrats Bargey!


Haha yeah, Model was bullish on the old farts.

Team Name Bix Projected Ladder Position Actual Ladder Position Difference
Boakie's Betrayal 1 1 0
Conargo Bulls 6 2 +4
Smooth 2 3 -1
Wezza 9 4 +5
Steez Merchants 5 5 0
High Fyfe 11 6 +5
Dangerous Dons 12 7 +5
Jobe-E-Wan Kenobi's 7 8 -1
The Melkmen 14 9 +5
Saracens 16 10 +6
Notorious BIX 8 11 -3
Binked 17 12 +5
Pallet Town FC 10 13 +3
Excitement Machines 15 14 +1
Burras 4 15 -11
Hasselhoffs Yambag 18 16 +2
westozziebomber 3 17 -14
FC Medina 13 18 -5


not bad!! WOB imploded, Burras imploded, Melkman and Saracens improved, and FC Medinas + 5 should be a negative 5 I think haha.


I hope you continue with your analysis though, definitely interesting to read. I do enjoy reading the NBA win shares/advanced analytics.