BBFFL#2 2017 Discussion


A few position changes announced for next year.

Ultimate Footy will take these positions at a minimum. ie they will never remove a position only add one.

Pretty happy with Menegola being a forward personally.


Boak and Mundy CF’s :+1:
Brandon Ellis B only :-1:


BBFFL2er’s a quick note to let you I’m shortly relocating with work lto Singapore. It shouldn’t cause too many issues for BBFFL#2 but I wanted to give the heads up in case life gets too hectic.

I’m all in this comp and looking forward to winning the flag in 2018!


Congrats mate!

Permanent move or contract?


Hard to say but I’m calling permanent! It’s with my current work so no set time.


Congrats mate, sounds exciting.


You’re coming back for the Geelong game right? :stuck_out_tongue: Congrats


I’ll do my best!


When does UF usually release the positions for 2018 season?


Usually around the start of Feb. So not long.


Also I’ve got an announcement I’ve been sitting on for a while - will try to get it out shortly. We will be welcoming a new coach for 2018.


BBFFL#2 Coaching Change for 2018

It is with some sadness that I publicly acknowledge the retirement of one of our original BBFFL#2 coaches. @smooth has decided to hang up the clipboard citing fatigue from “just watching footy and seeing someone get a kick and thinking and that’s worth 3 points”. He leaves the competition as one of our premier coaches. Statistically he leaves with the most wins as a BBFFL#2 coach – 98 wins from 129 games and as the only coach to have never missed the finals over the first 6 seasons of the BBFFL#2. His only slight disappointment might be to have only converted one of these six seasons of finals appearances, 5 prelim finals and two Grand Finals into one premiership. The premiership win came in 2014 where Smooth defeated @No_5 . Despite winning just one flag, he still have a positive record in finals having won 9 from 15 match ups.

The other record Smooth leaves with is the highest ever BBFFL#2 score of 1816 scored in Round 16 2015 against @saladin. He also has the 2nd highest score and all up 5 out of the top 10 highest overall scores – with @Bargey the only other coach with a top 10 score. (On a side note 2 of Bargey’s top 3 scores have resulted in him winning his 2 premierships – talk about performing when it really counts!!).

However it is with much excitement that I welcome our replacement coach – @Aceman. In addition to posting prolifically, Aceman is an all-round sportsmad South Australian. I am sure we have all seen his love for the Bombers and other sporting teams through his posts here on Blitz. I know I am very much looking forward to seeing him play some of this passion and knowledge into our great competition. So please join me in welcoming our newest BBFFL#2 coach. He comes into the comp with a great list, but it will interesting to see if Smooth’s substained success can be maintained.

Over the next week or so I will put together a plan for the preseason including key dates etc. Looking forward to another great season.


I have more flags than smooth, that’ll go down in history


Seriously though sad to see ya go mate. We had some epic battles over the year. At our peaks, we were hawthorn/Geelong like rivalry. Thanks for a good, fun rivalry

Welcome ace. You’ll never watch footy the same again


Sorry to see you go Smooth as you were a top coach who built a top squad. Cheers mate.

Welcome aboard Aceman good to have you in the comp.


Best of luck with whatever you do next Smooth. Welcome Aceman, I hope you really enjoy it here.


Without looking at @smooth 's squad I’m pretty sure I joined a year too early.

Welcome @Aceman , hopefully your list build isn’t as arduous as mine, pazza’s list was in diabolical shape.


If I had’ve known that Manc prick was gonna take over my team I’d have stayed on!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: @Aceman good luck with the squad, I think it’s in pretty decent shape to be up there again in 2018, with a bit of luck and some good drafting/trading you can go all the way. To everyone else, thanks for the kind words. It was a bit of a tough one being a foundation coach in the league but by the middle of last year I was losing the enjoyment so I’d rather let someone else have a crack at it than have someone who isn’t going to properly engage in what is a fantastic competition.


One injury to Docherty and runs away! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well done Smooth. Dominated this league.

Welcome Aceman. I look forward to trading you all my SANFL players.


Sorry to see you go @smooth, unlucky to be walking away with just the 1 premiership really.

All the best to @Aceman, inherited a great team.