Ben Rutten - Back to the grindstone (Part 2)

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Did we win yet?

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Every chance of being 1-12

I don’t give fck that’s it’s Ruttens second year in charge that’s coaching sacking material imo. afl is a win/loss business no coach survives when the l’s stack up

If we don’t start looking even semi competent when defending by the end of the year, I could honestly see him struggling to hold on to his job.


With Clarkson waiting on the sidelines it will be hard to,to not pull the trigger

Clarkson head coach

Ross Lyon the Mark Williams role

I guarantee with those two in charge we will no longer see pea heart efforts when defending


Clarkson would be an unmitigated disaster. Hard no


Why would he be a disaster?

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We’d be getting the slops of Hawthorn.

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Not sure about that

Rather have Dimma back


If so he can’t bring his Richmond style will have to come up with something new

Clarke’s style is pretty redundant now.

Clarkson right now will be evolving him self to keep up with the trends of the game.

wouldn’t have been sitting on the couch this whole time doing nothing. he would be studying other sports/tactics that he could use as a coach


He’s in the USA - he was at the Warriors game the other day.

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the fact people are warming to getting ross the boss lyon shows we have gone to a really dark place as a club and fanbase

margins would be the same, except we’d kick maybe 1 goal.


If Truck fails spectacularly this season then maybe Brendan Goddard … why not? He cares about this club and where we’re at right now (currently up ■■■■ creek without a paddle in a barbed wire canoe called a game plan).

We’d have to clear a few bodies at Board level to see it happen I suspect.


He’s been the most revolutionary coach, perhaps ever. This is a ridiculous statement.

Clarkson has been to the US multiple times to catch up with NBA coaches and to learn about coaching in different sports.


Yet they didn’t entrust him to manage the newly developing list.

Hawks,Swans(A) and Richmond.

We so aint winning any of them.

Then Port away, the bye and Carlton.


Gimme that top 2 draft pick now!

He’s struggling to hold it now