Ben Rutten - sacked

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ok, where were we?

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I do love a jump cut

Still the coach of Essendon.


We’ll be at part 4 within a day…


Part 3s are always ■■■■

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Rutten training the players - with all this happening - what could go wrong!

Any idea when the board meeting is being held? Is it happening right now?

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hah, i loved Return of the Jedi.

Why do you hate Ewoks ?

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Never seen star wars


Anti nerd.

Haha, Nah I’m a massive Nerd, just missed SW and I can’t commit to it now, it’s gone too far


Ben “sucks air through teeth” Rutten.


How on earth would anyone in the media know what Clako is going to do, especially someone like Montagna, unless they’re directly connected to Clako, close contacts or his manager? All speculation.

Allowing Rutten to coach for next 5 days says an announcement on their next coaching move won’t happen until after Saturday?

And, given North have tabled an offer and Clako hasn’t accepted it yet says a couple of things like, the finer details need to be sorted or he’s considering GWS or Essendon?


So, the players didn’t respect him before yesterday.

Now his job is under relentless media scrutiny due to the board approaching Clarkson and he is taking training today?

Gee whizz…

That is rubbish. It’s never too late to commit to Star Wars. That is a defeatist attitude and half the reason the club is where it is today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Give me a 5 dollar note and a plate WOB

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If anyone is at training can you confirm the rumours that Dyson brought in his favourite blanky to share with Truck.


That’s hilarious

They are probably looking at his contract /payout. Often there are clauses that say if you go ahead and get another coaching job (eg assistant) during the period we pay you out then the employer will only have to pay the difference. I’m not saying that is the case here but I’m sure the new President will want to do this by the book and will be dotting i’s and crossing t’s on this exit


Rutten on 9 news saying the players still support him. Not much else he could say I suppose.