Ben Rutten - Back to the grindstone (Part 1)

Essendon Football Club is pleased to announce Ben Rutten will join the Bombers coaching department in 2019.

Rutten brings a wealth of football knowledge to the club after spending four years as an assistant coach at Richmond Football Club, and playing 229 games for Adelaide between 2003 and 2014.

“Ben is a quality person and coach who will complement our current coaching structure,” GM of Football, Dan Richardson said.

“We are respectful that Ben’s focus is on Richmond’s upcoming finals campaign and as a result we will provide a further update once these commitments are complete.

“We look forward to welcoming Ben, Kylie and boys – Jack and Bernie to Essendon.”


Wow. Moving fast. Good pick up.

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When the email came through I thought it said Ratten for a split second. Welcome Ben!

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Dan Richardson not sitting on his hands.


Making list management decisions and signing assistant coaches all before our season has finished. Wow!


Club getting very proactive, very fast. Forward planning being advanced. Wowee.


One advantage of not making the finals. Looks like we are getting everything lined up to hit the ground running in 2019.

Welcome Ben.

This week I was ranting non-stop about our defensive structures. This is a great step in the right direction.

IMO This will be our best signing in the 2018-19 ‘off season’ (not-so-offseason)


Essendon, the Family Club !

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Not quite the Richmond assistant the chief whiners were after but anyone recently involved with a successful club should be a good addition.


Essendon being proactive. I LOVE IT!

Welcome Rutten

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2019 starts… last week.


can’t imagine that would go down well at Richmond on the eve of the finals. How does it work, does he clean out his desk and move on straightaway or fulfil his 2018 requirements?


Richmond FC Club Statement after failing to win back to back flags 2018-2109
“The Club fully blames destabilissation of our coaching panel prior to 2019 Finals series”

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Is he replacing anybody?

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The Truck!

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Guess I’m old fashioned.
Would’ve thought you’d wait until the season has ended proper for all parties before making these sort of announcements.


Neeld’s position all be it restructured I guess.