Best Restaurants in Melbourne

Embla, Carlton Wine Room, Gimlet (little more expensive), Tipo 00…


Working through this should tide you over


Seriously, I would recommend the Florentino Grill. It has excellent food and an excellent wine list, it’s a dress-up restaurant, and it’ll cost you $150 a head including wine for 3 courses (but tip on top of that) unless you go over the top on the wine.

I’ll second that. Pastuso is top-notch.

Go to Arbory, heard the owner is a massive Bombers fan!

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Gingerboy is one of the best asian fusion restaurants in Melbourne, and not too expensive. The tasting menu is amazing.
San Telmo does really good meat.
Squire’s Loft Docklands - fantastic steaks
Coda - asian fusion
Pastusio - Peruvian, you can even eat Llama!
Foglia Di Fico - Italian

@2-30Brunswickst is right that Chin Chin is great, but you can’t book seats.


Great place for a drink but food is just so so. Not awful but plenty of better options nearby.

Speaking of awful though… David King and his partner were on the table next to me last time I was there. :face_vomiting:

That’s what i like about it. I’m unorganised person.

One trick with places where you can’t book is you can buy a gift card and some places will then let you reserve a table

tezzas house

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Trying to book at Gimlet is next level hard. Not sure how Obama managed to get a table so easily? :thinking:

France-soir for French food. Great wine list. Also Supernormal goes alright for Asian fusion. For steak go and see richo at la Luna as has already been mentioned.


France-Soir is my favourite French.


Pizza - Takeaway Pizza Preston. Their gluten free pizzas are superb.


Agree, but it’s non CBD location probably rules it out. Bistro Guillaume at Crown equally as good and far more convenient.

Been to Cumulus Inc in Flinders Lane recently. Their set menu is quite good, still pricy but less so than some mentioned here.

Supernormal is the ■■■■. Get yourself there


+1 for pastuso

Cecconi’s Flinders Lane

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I booked for Anzac Day and I think we have always booked .

There’s also Philippe, which is great.

Yakimono is fun, solid Japanese.
Nomad and Famers Daughters quite good too.

Back in the city after a long time away… yoo many good places to get through.

This thread is very handy

Anyone been to Vue De Monde recently? Apparently it is almost back to standard that saw it in the top 100 in the world

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