Best Restaurants in Melbourne

Maha and Di Stasio Citta are another couple of excellent options, although they’re a little more expensive.

Pasta - Tip00
Steak - Steer Dining room

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Changed during Covid, prior to that you couldn’t book. Same as Cumulus Inc.


ive always liked stalactites for greek food


Green Man’s Arms across the road is excellent.

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Some great options to work through. Thank you all.

Yeah true, that’s a great place as well. Good place just for a beer too, especially with the fireplace going.

But Shakahari is divine, especially the avacado entree. :drooling_face:

Maybe for vegans.


Dont live in melbourne but ive been told by my chef mates

Sunda or Vue de Monde.

The latter being as good as it gets($$$)


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Yep, Vue De Monde ain’t lose change sort of stuff

Isn’t it $300+ pp, not including drinks.

Not sure I could justify that no matter how good it is.

Vue de Monde only offers a fixed price degustation menu at $350 per person, or at least that was the position last time I looked. A la carte is not available. If that’s what you want, then go for it, but it’s not for me. I love good food, but I like to choose what to eat and how much to eat. I have no interest at all in having 7 or 8 different things, none of which have been chosen by me, put in front of me to wonder at.

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Yeah thats what i heard too. Its common among fancy pants restaurants to do that

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Vue de Monde is excellent. Just expensive. But then, I love degustation menus.


Just to change tack a bit, you may also want some good cheap options for lunch (or budget). Some of my cheap favourites:

  • Malay Momma behind Southbank is fantastic, cheap Malaysian cuisine. The salt & pepper calamari and the laksa are to die for.
  • Le Charme is one of my favourite cheap chinese restaurants on Little Burke street.
  • If you’re at the top end of town at lunch, or even better before/after lunch, Soi38 (Vietnamese boat noodles, hot) and N Lee Bakery (Vietnamese bakery) are both brilliant. However, at main lunch times (and dinner for Soi38) there will be long lines.
  • I love Pondok Rempah near Vic Markets which is Indonesian food. Also hot!
  • Corner of Burke & Swanston inside the Kmart centre has the Grand BBQ, which only does roast duck & pork with noodles or in soup. As good a value and tasting Laksa with BBQ pork or Roast pork as you’ll find in the city.
  • If you just want dumplings, Shanghai dragon dumpling house on Russell St just off Burke is cheap and delicious. Try the pork buns and/or pork dumplings.
  • In docklands (The district side), Achelya (Turkish restaurant) does fantastic value $15 lunches. Parma, kebabs, donner meat, fish & chip options.
  • Near Marvel stadium, I really love the noodle boxes from Origami Sushi & Noodles. Their nasi goreng is delicious.

Good quick eats, soi38 for boat noodles.

Lulus char Kway teow


Oh, I third Soi38. And definitely avoid peak times, it gets crazy busy.

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Not tried Lulus, will need to check Lulus out.

The Lake House at Daylesford has a degustation menu, but it also offers à la carte. I’m fine with that and in fact it’s a really great restaurant. It’s the lack of choice and the assumption that you’re only there to admire the chef’s cooking that annoys me at places like Vue de Monde.