Best Restaurants in Melbourne

I think this is slightly misplaced. You go to restaurants like Vue du Monde specifically to experience the chef’s vision and quality. That is why you’re going to there, the Fat Duck, Gordan Ramsay’s, Riverside Inn, and other top/Michelin 3* restaurants or Australian equivalents. So, to then protest that you don’t want that kind of belies the reason for going in the first place.

It would be a little like going to the AFL Grand Final and getting annoyed that you didn’t have a choice in who is playing.


I think in fact we agree. You go to those restaurants to experience the vision and quality etc. That’s not why I go to restaurants, so I don’t go to degustation-only restaurants. I’ve never been to a 3 Michelin star restaurant, but all those that I’ve looked at do offer à la carte. I could conceivably go to one of those one day just to see what it’s like, but at $200+ per course I can’t help thinking there’s some ripping off involved.

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Depends on your definition of ripping off. Are they more expensive than the food? Hell yes. But your experiencing some of the best food in the world. Do people complain about the cost of Grand Final tickets (when they can get a real one)???

Chase it with a donut from short stop.

I think that might be a question to discuss over a good dinner and a good bottle of wine.

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Its also cheaper/cost efficient to do degustation.

Ie logistics

In the kitchen they are setting up stations to do each course and know exactly what they need to make.

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I’ve booked for Pastuso. We’re both keen to try new cuisines (one of the things we loved about living in Melbourne, that Brisbane is slowly, slowly getting better at) and we’ve never tried Peruvian before.


its terrific.



Ten minutes by tractor on the peninsula goes alright. Great degastation menu. Assuming the tractor doesn’t break down.

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Yes they do

Nice choice, hope you enjoy it mate.

Steak there is great and my gf loves the cassava chips.

This is where we tend to go for a nice dinner. It’s probably not THE best place. But it’s just simple food done really well. And I never leave feeling so stuffed I feel sick (as much as I love Chin Chin, this gets me every time)


Yeah Cumulus has been solid for so many years. Guaranteed good food experience. The tuna tartare is god like.

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Went there last week and it was great. Also a tomato salad which was super simple, but drool worthy.

In fact, I’d almost say we are too much as the lamb shoulder was massive (did the chefs selection for $85) could’ve just had a couple of amazing sides and some bread.

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A1 Bakery Sydney Rd

Super cheap, super tasty.

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There is an A1 very close to me on Station Street, Fairfield. I use very regularly.

Finally got around to giving Minamishima a try on the weekend (anniversary). It is expensive but it is very, very good. Best sushi I’ve had since living in Tokyo (and it would stack up well there).


So busy though. You have to factor in the wait time vs the number of similarly priced options on the same block

This one serves similar, but more ‘Anglo’ Cafe style options (for want of a better word).

The A1 Special is about $3 more expensive in Fairfield, and a little lighter on the toppings. Still great dishes tho.

I do like the fiery lady yelling out your number in Brunswick tho. It adds to the anticipation, but like the soup Nazi, you don’t want to ■■■■ her off!!