Best Simpsons Quotes


Homer: ‘Bart, you’ve got little hands, can you reach under the mower and grab that rollerskate’
[mower starts up again]
‘Never mind, it came out by itself.’


Could this car go faster than a train, which I also could afford

What advantages does this motor car have over, say, a train, which I can also afford?


My favourite of all time




The casino episode inspired me to try casino myself. I didn’t enjoy brick-and-mortar casinos. And the alternative for me is bob casino. It’s way more possible to find some cash at an online casino.


Fitness Tester
“Hey no eating in the tank”

“Go to hell”



Dr. Nick: [singing] The kneebone’s connected to the… something. The something’s connected to the… red thing. The red thing’s connected to my wrist watch… Uh oh.


What an odd notification to receive




Not a quote off the Simpson’s, but a quote from many disengaged fans;
“The simpsons suck after the seventh series”


10 yo son has discovered Simpson’s.

What’s the best seasons to hook him up with, and how?


Anything from 2/3 to about 8/9 IMO.


Every time I play Rock Paper Scissors with my kids I’m thinking in my head -

Good old rock, nothing beats that.


I remember when bush sr came out and derided the simpsons and said they should be more like the Walton’s. And possibly played born in the USA when he was in the hustings, which was a song deriding their involvement in Vietnam rather than nationalistic theme.

Fk me, Walton’s was contrived mush, but the simpsons represent the nuclear family better than anyone at the time, ie they argued, slapped each other around, wagged school but they stayed together. The closest was when they turned the radio up in the car so the kids couldn’t hear the barney (not the alco version).

Awesome show - until season 8 and onwards.


Cape Feare is still my all time favourite episode, I think.


Top 5 for sure



Hello Mr Thompson!

I think he’s talking to you.



The first time I saw that scene with homer and the chain saw I was in hysterics!

I love the sound of those rakes hitting sideshow Bob as well

Wiggum has a line at the end of the episode I never got as a kid, only years later did it make sense
Wiggum: it’s a good thing you landed near this brothel

Also has the funnest McBain scene imo