Best Simpsons Quotes


Lawyer:What about that tattoo on your chest doesn’t it say Die Bart Die
Bob: no it’s German for The Bart The
Lady on bench: no one who speak German could be an evil man


Ach! Das is nein en boobie!


Took me years to get that Mr Snrub joke.


The ambulance traveling one metre to crash into a tree had me close to needing oxygen.



Any time a mate is having problems getting a car going.






That is one of the funniest things I’ve seen. A farking CLASSIC.


LOL i crack up every single time i see the scene


Willie hears ya, Willie don’t care




The one where Homer gets the helped monkey is brilliant.

Pray for mojo


Lisa gets an A is a favorite. Pinchy the lobster and super Nintendo Chalmers.


Steamed hams.
You wouldn’t think what is really a very old-fashoined routine with two straight men would work, but it does.


Ever seen someone say goodbye to a pair of shoes?
Yeah, once


Also, Whacking Day in its entirety.
Just one long quote that is the episode ‘Whacking Day.’


Oh yeah, that is a good one.

Aurora Borealis.




May I see it?

That segment will be taught in high school English classes next century I reckon