Bizarre Events Thread


I am getting kinda sick of waiting for Mad Max 2.


You wouldn’t wanna be downwind of that beast when it drops its guts. Dayum. :grin:


"Too heavy to head to any abattoir? Just bring a a few contract slaughtermen and a refrigerated truck and do it on site.


Think of how big a slice of bread you’d need for that sausage.


You’d disgrace the memory of Australia’s greatest ever cow by putting its minced carcass on an enormous piece of stale bread?

Add it to the long list of things you should be ashamed of.


top of the list is witnessing a swans supporter pretend they go for essendon. I’m ashamed for you.


I’ve got you a loaf of stale white bread for Xmas. No need for extra salt. You’re salty enough.




For clarification, I used to like Essendon. Things started to change with how they handled K Sheedy’s exit at the end of 07, eroded further for indulging in fak FC style messiah mentally by hiring J Hird with zero coaching experience and finished off with their treatment of the unfortunate 34. Unfortunate by way of being unlucky enough to have been associated with Essendon at a time when it was being handed by people who were clearly not up to it.

I can empathise with how T Fitzmaurice probably felt at the end of the 1924 season albeit for different reasons.

I didn’t leave Essendon, Essendon left me.


Cry me a river


So Digs is a cut and run man.
Wadaya know.


I’ve stayed the same. It’s Essendon who changed.


Sorry that is an absolute cop out - your heart was never with Essendon in that case. I hate some of the decisions made too but I didn’t change teams.


Hmm, I was told by a certain Blitzer that you are just a ■■■■■-stirrer and that you bleed red and black.

If true, you play it very well


I’ve quit most things. Courses, a job and even a marriage. But I’d never quit on the Essendon Football Club. There should be a law against that. Oh, unless your name is Fatprick. Then that’s fine.


Can you use your connections in the state government to prevent him being allowed to enter Victoria? :slight_smile:


l had no idea that you were that old. It explains a few things, it excuses none of them.


You know that is something I always wondered why people don’t do, as proven, all the germs/bacteria that are about that you pick up by touching anything, we then go to the toilet and put them on our genitals, then wash our hands???


Apparently not happening now.


I could but there is a VIB, Very Important Blitzer who would look very poorly at me if I did, and she has more power than Dan.