Bizarre Events Thread


What is it that people are concerned about catching here?


You could catch anything here, sarcasm , facetiousness, abuse, lies etc etc



Off you trot, then.


You’ve got bigger problems if you have somehow ended up on a plane during an Essendon-featured grand final.


This is not really bizarre at all. But I had nowhere else to put it, and I wasn’t going to start a new thread for it.

Anyway - watching Daredevil, Netflix - not bad. Check this out:


That bottom photo is you, isn’t it?

Just going by the polished chrome-dome and that crappy little Mick Malthouse bumfluff under the bottom lip.


I’m not seeing the Xavier one, but I’ve the Jobe/Daredevil one was getting me the whole time I watched it


Can someone check on our Perth based blitz era?


A neighbour called the police on a mate who was having sex with a prostitute as the sounds (presumably) resembled that of a woman in distress.

Didn’t make the news, though.


A Mate ! Sure Mr Diggers.


Can’t claim this one.


You sure you’re not travelling in the U.S. @Diggers ?


Don’t know about you guys, but I reckon this qualifies:


That’s gonna look awesome on my fat guts.


Da fark is that?? blink


Official Essendon Lands Big Fish Commemorative LS Polo


I’m having flashbacks to when a Milk Tanker ran over a Black Wombat and I stopped to check if it needed putting down.


Fortunate it’s a Bombershop exclusive so nobody will ever receive one.


Maybe the conditioning for us to become the Mighty Flatheads?


3 eyed fish