Bizarre Events Thread


Came in to this thread expecting some strange stuff…but it has puns too!

You beauty!


Jeepers. So many questions.

How hard did he boil them? Wouldn’t a shelled egg just get mashed trying to squeeze it in? Or how loose was his crack?

Was it spontaneous, “off his head” kind of experimantation? I wonder if he’d dabbled in this before, and maybe 4-5 wasn’t enough, and gradually worked up to a dozen, and this time 15.

And is chemsex a new type of drug category? Or just an old one I’ve never heard of. I’ve heard of GHB, but I didn’t know it was a sex thing.

Isn’t Amsterdam practically the world capital of sex toys, but they went with eggs? Surely there’s egg size beads he could have used.



You’ve thought about this way too much.

Besides, everyone knows you don’t count your eggs…


He put too many in his basket…


annus horribilis


I’d find it more bizarre if he wasn’t hospitalised, TBH.


Well you wouldn’t have heard about it if he wasn’t.

So obviously this is a thing that many others are regularly doing without incident.


“ovum adventure”

Plans for Saturday night poached by an arsehol e.


Only way to really know is to give it a crack.


He knicked that off Doug Stanhope.


Not the only thing he stole off him…

In fairness, it’s the same premise but very different punchline. I’ve heard Jim talk about it, and he claims it 100% happened to him.

But Stanhope claims it’s straight theft.

Meh, Jim’s story is funnier.


Really should have stopped there…


His farts would have been terrible.


That’s eggzactly what I was thinking.

(Yes it’s an old yoke but someone had to do it)


Are those people are scoffing that he only managed a poultry 15?


I’ve just realised he’s gone through a full carton of eggs and thought, ‘Nah, I’ll need more than that.’


I hope he was super confident, and brought 3 cartons ‘just in case.’


Whatever that man can do, insane women in Thailand can do better


And you have the photos to prove it.


Oh no. I’ve actually tried to forget it, but the images are seared into my brain forever