Bizarre Events Thread


May even thought…i wonder if they sell Ostrich eggs?


It’s just natures pocket, some people have bigger ones than others.


farkin lel…


Brings a whole new meaning to “keep your hands in your pockets”.


Deep pockets. Definitely that guy’s shout.


“Back again so soon, sir?”
hobbling “yes, I can’t get enough of those eggs. Which I am definitely eating”


Starting to remind me of a South Park episode.


I was thinking Quagmire from Family Guy…


I was thinking Derek & Clive!


I was thinking maybe next time he should use quail eggs


reckon Howe’s face marking is how the Dutch dude would’ve looked



And the sad react face is how the doctors treating him would’ve looked.


Emu eggs.


Ova confident.

You’ve been a great audience.


Bizarre Event: Essendon winning a final.


No sense of adventure. Also, think of the expense!


You clearly haven’t actually tried shoving 15 scrambled eggs up your ■■■■.


Any truth to the rumor that as the last egg was being inserted he started to moan and when asked what was wrong, he replied “it could do with a bit more salt”.


In the latest update:
The surgical operation to remove the inserted eggs has only been partially successful due to the lead surgeons inability to take a yoke.


he showed there is indeed an i in team

Cops recapture footy player who made a break halfway through final

10 September 2018 — 11:23am

By Brett Kohlhagen & Blair Thomson

A wanted country footballer, who fled midway through his club’s semi-final game on the weekend after police agreed to let him play, has been arrested.

Jarrah Maksymow, 26, was caught at a home in Wodonga on Monday after running from NSW police at half-time on Saturday.

Jarrah Maksymow previously played for Bacchus Marsh.

Photo: The Courier

He had been wanted for assault, break-and-enter, and driving offences following an incident at a home in Albury suburb earlier that day.

Mr Maksymow, 26 was due to play for Henty in their Hume league semi-final clash with Brock-Burrum Saints at the Walbundrie football ground on Saturday, when police arrived to arrest him.

For “operational reasons” the officers agreed to wait until after the make-or-break game had finished before arresting the midfielder.

Police released this image of Jarrah Maksymow on Sunday.

Police released this image of Jarrah Maksymow on Sunday.

Photo: Supplied

With a place in the grand final up for grabs Mr Maksymov took the field and was one of the best players on the ground in the first two quarters.

But he took advantage of the police’s generosity and at half time he fled, leaving Henty a player short.

Henty coach Joel Price admitted Mr Maksymow’s shock departure was a distraction but refused to blame it for his team’s 33-point loss.

Police released a mugshot on Sunday and appealed for public help to find Mr Maksymow.

He narrowly avoided a jail term in June after a violent assault outside Ballarat night spot Sweethearts just hours after making his debut for Henty in mid-April.

He had been playing for Bacchus Marsh until he parted ways with the club for “personal reasons”.

Jarrah Maksymow (Number 46) talking to police before Saturday’s game.

Photo: Supplied

He is currently serving an intensive corrections order, which doesn’t expire for nearly a year.

He has previously served time in jail for offences including affray.

Police had thought he was hiding out in Victoria, and possibly in Bacchus Marsh where he has connections.

Officers had been in contact with him by phone in a bid to get him to hand himself in.

The midfielder – who had been spoken to by police before the game but allowed to play – has a committal mention listed for Albury Local Court on Monday.

Police will first apply to extradite him from Wodonga.

The decision not to arrest Mr Maksymow at the football ground will be reviewed by police management.