Blitz Metalhead Thread


I’m over 30 and have just discovered their stuff in the past 6 months and I just love their stuff with Nightmare being my favourite album of theirs.

You do hear a lot of “influences” from other bands in their music, and some outright rip offs like their Sad But True inspired track This Means War, but overall their stuff is great.


I don’t typically listen to their first 3(?) albums which is the more metalcore style.
Big fan of the back end of their catalogue though.
They cop a fair bit of flak for Hail To The King but I really enjoy that style of hard rock/metal so wasn’t complaining.


One band that I found which I haven’t posted: Crossfaith
They’ve managed to combine my guilty pleasure (electronic music) with metal core and make it sound half decent. They’re also meant to be insane live


Two albums really worth checking out are Leprous’ new one called Malina. More proggy than metal but still some great riffs and the vocals are incredible.

The other one is The Night Flight Orchestra album Amber Galactic. Amazing album which is a collaboration of artists from Soilwork and Arch Enemy but not necessarily what you’d expect. It’s very 80s inspired but amazing.

Check both out and you won’t be disappointed.


Been listening to Motionless in Whites Graveyard Shift lately when on the road, really enjoyed it.


Leprous - seriously good band. You going to see them this weekend?


Yep. Can’t wait


I am sure this has been mentioned but who is going to Download this year? I am going for my own nostalgic reasons to see Korn and Limpbizkit. (Fark I was obsessed with Korn).

I don’t love the lineup but am keen to also see Mastodon and local band Ocean Grove.


So Slayer is pulling the pin after one last tour. Given Tom’s neck and voice problems it isn’t a huge surprise but it’s still a shock now it’s happening


I’d go if I was in Melbs to see Mastodon, Prophets of Rage, Gojira, King Parrot and Suicidal Tendencies.

I’d be the opposite on seeing Korn and Limp Bizkit.


Everytime I see the title of the thread it reads

“Blitz Methhead Thread”.

And i stop and look again.


Not really the same without Hanneman and Lombardo, either.


Lol i always read it as “Blitz Meathead Thread”.


I had a wedding booked for that day, but it’s been postponed now, so I’m thinking about going. I saw Sabaton open for Nightwish a few years back and have been wanting to see them again, and a few of the others would be worth seeing :slight_smile:


Nightwish are awesome Koala.I have a couple of their concerts on blu ray and downloaded from youtube.
Would love to see them live.


I’m going with a group of old metallers. The line up isn’t great but I’m looking forward to Mastodon, Gojira and Amon Amarth. Also check out Psycroptic, as they are insane.

I’ve done Download at Donnington and it was an amazing event. If this can be half as good, it’ll be a great day.


Are Leprous metal??


More prog than metal, but their earlier albums are heavy enough.


X2, not enough bands i want to see to justify the cost. Are the bands doing side shows?


Bucket list.

Im hitting this in 2019.