Blitz Metalhead Thread


Wow, that’s a pretty amazing line-up. Not sure I’d survive though.


I hear ya, but hey, if I die on that boat I will at least die happy.


If you like hearing a chick scream.



Don’t see the appeal there.

More what I’ve been listening to


Didn’t mind that.

Nice to know there’s still some metal bands who think their lyrics matter and want them heard and understood.

Reminds a bit of Sabbath, … but with modern tech & production.


used to listen to Candlemass about 25 years ago. Gone through a few singers. Havent seemed to changed their sound much in all that time.


more flashbacks


I had completely missed them (candlemass), just catching up now


There’s a third scott brother, and he sings ina metal band

Actually wouldn’t it be great to see brad or chris wearing that eyeliner on natch day?

EDIT: I’m not responsible for that thumbnail!