Blitz Watch Along Week 1 (vs Sydney Round 19 2001. 8.30pm tonight) - link in first post

Cheers to @Allblack for this awesome idea.

Every friday night at 8.30pm (Melb time) during the shutdown we can all sit together and watch a classic from our scheduled opponent for that week.

This week is of course the swans.


Polls close 5.30pm each Friday and a link to the winning game on YouTube will be provided for the watch along.

  • 1982- 1 goal win at the SCG
  • 1985- Salmon kicks 7 in a rinsing
  • 1996- Draw at the SCG
  • 1998- Lucas draining 50mtr bombs
  • 2001- A winner from the Italian Stallion
  • 2007- Some pelican hits the post

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Thanks Scotty

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what about the 2007 game Scotty?

Fixed, thanks mate

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@Allblack pop your vote in again. Had to fix the poll.

Again, spoilers.
Kind of takes the fun out of it if you’re going to tell us exactly what happens in each game.

Just pick one.


yeah, good point

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Noted and Agree. Will do things differently next game for FC

we all know your playing the 99 preliminary so we can go fkn nuts at wallis


Yeah but mercuri also had a chance to slot one late and stuffed it

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If that effing thing even gets mentioned again, this site will get a cyber dose of Ebola, and I’ll be exploring billion year bans.



Video quality on the 1982 game is going to be worse than it being filmed with a potato


Been some good ones.
The Goodes shot after the siren (that just missed)…2011 or 2012 ?

Lloyd 13 goals 1999 Rd.3

Comeback game…Dempsey denied shot after siren.


This game or the finals game we played them in week 1. Mercuri had a blinder from memory.


1998 and 2001 out of the blocks early in the poll with no love for 1996 draw

And 2007 now gets a small burst of votes

Got some real Gems lined up for the coming weeks.

FC game is going to be very tough vote.

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@thedjr has a friend in 1982

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Not sure the 99 prelim is going to vote well