Blitz Watch Along - Week 9 vs Richmond Round 11 1994 8 O'clock tonight

We’re getting closer to live footy!

But we’ve got a few weeks of life in the time machine.

  • 1993 Fosters Cup GF
  • Round 11 1994
  • Round 15 1995

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94 for me. Not see it before.

Our 2 really good dream time wins (07 and 13) aren’t available :frowning:

93 for me another fosters cup final clash
I thought the crowd looked big tonight and was only 49,000 against North
75000 at the 1993 match against tigers.

Which one of the 1994 and 1995 games is the one at Princes Park?

It’ll get my vote, for two reasons to be specified later.

I was sitting front row on the wing.


Watched the 93 Fosters Cup GF not long ago and was at the 95 game. I haven’t so much as seen a second of 94 apart from wangas freak goal

have we ever beaten Richmond?


Was that the one with Wanganeens goal?

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yep and its the only piece of action from that game ive seen so im hoping it gets up

1994 was my first game i went to.

Gets my vote.


I was sitting in the ■■■■■ stand when I saw it and didn’t appreciate how great it was until I saw the replay at home

13 uploaded

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My vote is for 94

Our 95 team had a pretty good season

The semi final loss wrote that whole season off for me. 2nd only to 99 prelim for the worst day ive had at the footy

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99 hurt more because I felt we were a real chance to win a flag.

I doubt anyone was beating Fark Carlton

I doubt we’d have beaten Geelong in the Prelim but we absolutely ■■■■■■ away that Semi Final.


1994 we got murdered by injuries.

Im my research i found the 94 team for this game was far from the same side that won a flag 11 games earlier

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Joe Misiti got fat in 94, that was our problem.

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Not that I’ll end up prob watching but 95 draw for sure, ripper Friday night game it was.

Remember listening on radio as it was delayed on TV as it was back then.

I don’t need to watch Justin Murphy running amok in the 94 game for Richmond (iirc)

Sums up Richmond in the early 90s they werent relevant enough to play us at the G like Coll and Carl, we had to play them at Princess Park.

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