Bomber Thompson's House Raided by Police


The State Election later this year will be fought on Law and Order - I sense there will be more high profile arrests/charges in coming months.


Alll these people, Clack, Cook, Bartel, Spud, etc. speaking to or in the media, saying how concerned they are for Bomber while admitting they have NFI how he’s going, should all know they are fuelling the clickbait which will be ■■■■■■■ him off no end.

The people who are actually concerned with Bomber’s welfare are keeping out of the media because they can see the circus any comment is perpetuating.

The irony is the trauma and upset the injustice of the Saga caused him is being used against him as evidence he is unhinged and adds to the media storm.

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that speculation with no facts to back them up are being used to destroy his life and image again.

I really hope that Bomber comes out of this with zero evidence of any wrongdoing, and then does a Rebel Wilson and takes the media to the cleaners.




True, but the neighbours probably didn’t have CCTV that happens to point to a house that is owned by a former football coach.


Bomber trolling media. Love it.


Can’t he be both?


Proof that he’s part of a bikie gang?





substitute the satchel for a bumbag and that photo would’ve been :ok_hand:


Hmmm, could be pedaling something


He bought that bike with his dodgy bitcoinz


Apparently on the C7 breakfast show, Sunrise, the presenter, a wanker named Mark Doran said Thompson was “harbouring drug traffickers”, and the reporter on site said Sunrise keeps to the facts and doesnt speculate like other media outlets do.



I saw this, which at that point, my breakfast was available in liquid form on the coffee table.


Happens more often than you think it should, gives you one hell of a fright when its your front door.


Once the cops came to my door, asked for me by name.

Wasn’t a mistake, I was guilty.


“Oh, you meant In-co-ming…yeah, that’s me.”


Spot on SC.


Do yourself a favour and don’t watch that pathetic program!


I’m glad I didn’t witness it! Bricks thrown through tv etc…!