Bomber Thompson's House Raided by Police


or any “breakfast” tv for that matter (EFC replays excepted)


Good idea for Brekky telly is all or part thereof the news block on SBS, comprising 30 min bulletins from Germany, France, (in Eng) Al Jaz and BBC.


So did we find out what happened, was bomber exonerated?


Haven’t you heard? He fled to Mexico


Not Mexico, in the USA with his son.


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We forgot to tell you that it was all just sensationalism hahaha
I know you’ll understand. We need to make a living too, you know.


Ok cool, so all that stuff Danny Frawley and People from Geelong said about Bombers erratic behaviour and stuff? That was all a misunderstanding? The interview with his ex wife who hadn’t seen him for a couple of years etc?


Pfft, that was 2 weeks ago!! Quit living in the past…:roll_eyes:


It’s all about Bernard Tomic now. Do try to keep up.