Bomber Thompson's House Raided by Police


or any “breakfast” tv for that matter (EFC replays excepted)


Good idea for Brekky telly is all or part thereof the news block on SBS, comprising 30 min bulletins from Germany, France, (in Eng) Al Jaz and BBC.


So did we find out what happened, was bomber exonerated?


Haven’t you heard? He fled to Mexico


Not Mexico, in the USA with his son.


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We forgot to tell you that it was all just sensationalism hahaha
I know you’ll understand. We need to make a living too, you know.


Ok cool, so all that stuff Danny Frawley and People from Geelong said about Bombers erratic behaviour and stuff? That was all a misunderstanding? The interview with his ex wife who hadn’t seen him for a couple of years etc?


Pfft, that was 2 weeks ago!! Quit living in the past…:roll_eyes:


It’s all about Bernard Tomic now. Do try to keep up.


He got himself into a mess and a really crap place.

Former AFL coach Mark ‘Bomber’ Thompson admits using ice but says he’s not a dealer

Former AFL coach Mark “Bomber” Thompson has told a court he smoked the drug ice but while he was a drug user, he was not a dealer.

Key points:

  • Thompson faced court charged with possession and trafficking of illicit drugs
  • He said he took drugs to “mask the pain” he felt following the demise of his AFL coaching career
  • A forensic scientist told the court Thompson’s DNA was found on clear plastic bags during the police raid

Thompson faced the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday charged with possession and trafficking of illicit drugs, which were allegedly found in his Port Melbourne home during a police raid in 2018.

“I’m a taker. But I never had any intention of selling drugs. End of story,” Thompson told the court.

He said he had spent up to 12 hours a day alone trading cryptocurrency after leaving the AFL “in a bad way” following the Essendon supplements scandal.

Thompson had stepped in as head coach after James Hird was hit with a 12-month suspension for his role in the club’s supplements program, which saw players use a banned substance.

Thompson left the club after it decided to remain with Hird following the end of his suspension.

He said he now “hates the game” and took drugs to “mask the pain”.

Thompson told the court he was in a “bad place” after he left football and was lonely and gullible when he allowed convicted drug trafficker Thomas Windsor to move into his home in December 2017.

“I was home, had a knock at my door and I opened it. He [Windsor] was looking for a friend of a girl I knew,” Thompson said.

“I was happy to talk to someone.”

He said Windsor took over the property and would become “scary” when he was angry.

“He was tougher than me,” Mr Thompson said.

“He was a pretty scary bloke. I was in a spot.”

An obsession with cryptocurrency

When asked about the four ice pipes which were allegedly found at his home, Thompson told the court: “Some were his, some were mine.”

But he said he never had any intention of seeking drugs.

“It was a difficult time, I left work [football] in a bad way,” he said.

“I took drugs to mask the pain.”

He said he also developed an obsession with cryptocurrency, amassing up to $4 million worth.

“In 2017 I found cryptocurrency. It was really what I was looking for,” he told the court.

“It was intense. I was under pressure. I did it 12 hours a day by myself.”

Earlier in the day, a forensic scientist said Thompson’s DNA was found on clear plastic bags in the police raid.

Thompson told the court he did use the bags to store his drugs.

He was supported in court by his family.

The hearing continues.


I’m sure the saga played a huge part in his downwards spiral but I’m pretty certain he was dabbling in drugs during his Geelong days. But I feel really sorry for him. Hopefully he’s getting help now.


IIRC someone on the forum alluded to his drug problem when he was coaching us. What a shame.


It’s interesting the wording he used in court about his involvement in the saga


Wasn’t in the above article, was it somewhere else?


For a long long time, saga is an easy excuse but it hides the real truth.


These are some of the comments re the saga

“Everything I believed in … was just in ruins,” Thompson said.

“I just couldn’t believe we could do that to a group of young men. I think about it every day … I’m still not over it.”



no ■■■■. well there you go.

i don;t even need to click the article to know the comments “not guilty doesn’t mean innocent”


Really happy for him. Hopefully he gets his life back on track.