Bomber Thompson's House Raided by Police


spot on munna.
doesn’t make much of a story does it - property rented out by landlord raided by police!


Because “Former two time Geelong premiership coach” Mark Thompson had his house raided.


It was probably Collingwood players trying to get him to replace Bucks.


Did you read the last paragraph? OMFG the tenant is covered in tatoos! Everyone lock up your daughters because there is a guy living in Bomba’s house who is inked up. If you don’t have daughters then lock up someone else’s daughter as they are in grave danger.

In more news there is a guy standing at a street corner which was a 1970s crime scene wearing a scarf and a red polo neck skivvy, carrying a brochure on interior design whilst talking to 3 male friends and one midget black lesbian who are all hairdressers.


My first reaction when I read that article was that given the evidence of ink it was our own wozzie who was living at Bomba’s property! Then I realised it may not be quite that serious as it might be Dayne Beams. At least given the relevant facts in that article we know it’s one of those two and whichever one it is they have too many friends.


Years ago when I lived in Ascot Vale, the house next door got raided by what seemed like thousands of police with dogs. They smashed down the front door with great noise and terrified the Greek family who lived there, Mum, Dad, two small kids and an angry old Grandma !!

They thumped around for about thirty minutes; when a police car rocked up and out got a cop with more braid on his shoulders than an Army General. He shouted out “wrong farking house” and within 5 minutes our quiet street had returned to normal.

Don’t know who paid for the new door.


Could be worse, it could be Craig McLachlan.

Love journalists, when you have nothing, create something with some creative reporting. What to tatoos have to do with anything? People coming and going could be any amount of people at any time, shame no one was on a motorbike…


Let alone a Sudanese person on a motorbike…


With tats and Craig McLachlan


Are you talking about Craig McLachlan the lovable larrikin or Craig McLachlan the sexual predator?


Suspect the lawyers got to that paragraph.

I live in Port Melb and have seen a number of people using Bomba’s warehouse later in the evening.

It’s fair to say a couple of them probably also have an interest in Victims of Ink and Hunky Dory on Bay Street.


Apart from interstate and Geelong does everyone involved in the AFL past and present, somehow happen to live in Port Melbourne or what?


Seems like it - Hooksy and Bellcho are regulars on the beach and down Bay St.

And Ricky f*cking Nixon rides the tram all the time.


Hardly any chatter about the sudanese gangs that have been robbing and assaulting tax paying Victorian citizens on the front page now is there ?.. I can’t say that the plods have not learnt well from the Gillard Govt lesson on 101 how to divert the moron class in Australia…


Well, if he isn’t crashing his car into them…


Spud Frawley is a disgusting human being.




DANNY Frawley says he has no doubt Mark Thompson has “some issues mentally” as the mystery surrounding a police raid on the Essendon legend’s house deepens.

The former Geelong and Bombers mentor’s house was searched at 9.30am on Friday as part of a “wideranging” investigation by Victoria Police. No charges have been laid and police are refusing to say why the raid was carried out.

Frawley was head of the AFL Coaches Association when the Essendon supplements scandal saw Thompson, who was an assistant at the Bombers, “became totally unhinged”.

He was charged by the AFL for bringing the game into disrepute and fined $30,000 for his role in the 2013 saga that rocked football.

“Bomber unfortunately could never, ever, ever get over the fact that he was charged,” Frawley told SEN on Tuesday.

“I’m not sure whether he was part of it or not, but putting that aside, I’ve got no doubt his mindset — and we’ve got to be very careful right now with Mark — is the fact that he’s got some issues mentally, I’ve got no doubt about that.

“We’ve got to be very careful as a medium as to how we portray Bomber at the moment. He’ll keep his head down at the moment but he’ll listen to a lot of the talk.”

“I know a lot of people have reached out to him but let’s hope someone close has reached out to Bomber, because I know for a fact that just totally unhinged his mindset — the whole Essendon saga — and he has not been the same at all since,” Frawley added.

“I didn’t want to get bogged down in the specifics of why Bomber’s in such a pickle at the moment in this investigation but I do know we have to be very careful how we report it. He’s battling big time.”


Fark off Frawley.


Poor form by Spud.

He’s not qualified to make assessments on his mental health and it’s none of his business to say that anyway.

Unfortunately to work in media you have to say something more controversial than everyone else or otherwise you don’t get paid.

I would like to think most people wouldn’t want to hear all the personal stuff but who knows these days.