Bombers Blitzed by the Orange Team R23 2023


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The Same Olds


It’s time to go feral and make the Talking Carlton melts look like a middle age book group analysis at a Church by comparison.

I forgot a zero, oops.

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In the first, I messaged my Brisbane supporting mate and asked what it was like enjoying footy.

Only down by 6 goals at that point.

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No, not at all, on the other hand, not really a good game :joy::rofl:

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Please correct the name of this website………it’s correct name is BOMBERSBLITZED!!!


we didn’t get a lot from our bottom 10 today.


You watched that?


kudos to anyone who sat through that i went back to the vfl before half time and didn’t bother putting it back on after VFL finished.

Maybe it is our players who are a disgrace to their family and not fark Carlton’s

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Only two on that list worth keeping, being Bryan and BZT.

boo hoo we’re so unlucky

The pizza. Not the game.

How about the Essingtons ??? Sounds rather good… :joy:

First time in 30 odd years I have turned Essendon FC game off. Would have done so regardless of Matilda’s playing…


No more making fun of Carlton. They did the right thing all those years ago and did a full rebuild. We are in no mans land and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.


You know when they show a celebrity from the USA or somewhere on the TV trying to handpass and they look all un-co…well that’s what out handpassing looks like


You sound like someone I know?

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That wasn’t against the reigning premier, or a top 4 side.

That loss was against a team that was a spot below us on the ladder heading into the game.

That wasn’t Curnow, or peak Buddy kicking 9, it was Jessie farkin Hogan.

That humiliation should burn our club into major change. But it won’t.

We’ll rock up next year, with minimal list changes, the same list manager and a similar best 22, and expect things will improve.

That was a farkin disgrace.

Burn it all. Burn it all to the ground, but don’t start again.

Just burn it and walk away. We are dead.