Bourke Street Part Deux


What the ■■■■ is Ollie trolleys?


A chicken joint, I believe.


What sort of joint?

A planar? A hinge? A pivot? A condyloid? A saddle? A ball-and-socket? Please be more specific.


The biggest issue with ‘trolley man’ is the instant gratification from the public in lets start an appeal through the net without any serious consideration given by the proposer and then the donators - My understanding is its already raised 130K - The community has egg on its face.




Not to distract from the discussion about me boning Trolley Man, but it’s now been revealed the attacker was also on bail.

Coalition currently paying 3.30 for the win next weekend.


Because some donators think he’s not one of the deserving poor.


There was one in Shepparton and maybe Bendigo iirc, they were originally fried chicken joints in old repurposed trams. Then Kentucky came in and bashed them up. Then Kentucky realised they were a bit slave owner sounding and changed to KFC. For the chickens, life remained the same.


A third theory! I like it!

To paraphrase Robert Rankin,
‘There are two fields of thought explaining the change from Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC.
The first is that the US experienced an obesity epidemic, and it wasn’t cool or sexy for things to be fried anymore.
The second is that the meat had become so genetically engineered and pumped full of growth hormones that it could no longer legally be described as chicken.
One of these theories is correct.’


There used to be (maybe still is but I couldn’t care less) one in Glenferrie Rd near the tram depot.



I have heard he won;t get a cent of it anyway.


I remember hearing they changed to KFC because some smartarse registered all Domain names etc, at the birth of the InterWebs (remember when all that went on?) and ransomed them for something like $100 Million IIRC, … they actually offered him 10 Mill, and he said GAGF, 100!!

Then some bright spark come up with just changing it to KFC, and they did, and the greedy scumbag got zip, … other than the now useless domain names that cost him about 2K to register.

Urban Myth??


No idea, i was just freestyling. I do remember reading that they became very ‘aware’ of the need to modernise their image and move it away from what was ostensibly a plantation owner aesthetic, (even if it wasn’t intended), and the name change would seem to be in line with that. They went global big time, had to get generic. Ultimately they’ve slaughtered billions of animals and knocked over a few Ollie’s Trollies along the way.


Changed the name because of slavery but kept the face that looks like a plantation owner?


What are you saying about @reboot??


I reckon it is. Didn’t they change to KFC back in the '80s?


I remember it as the full name in the 90s for sure.

It must have been early 90s. Apparently changed in 1991 (maybe that was just USA)


You’re right, they kept his head, or silhouetted head. They used to have full white suited white bearded dude on the ads and billboards but yeah. Nobody born after a certain time would think anything about it. As I said, i’ve no truly informed idea but do recall strands in the cable.


The Colonel was kind of a big deal.
They had his photo in every restaurant.

As to after the name change, I’m sure they had an animated version of him dancing on ads.