Boxing Thread


So it's on. Will probably be the most watched fight in history. Just can't see how Connor has a chance


It will be a disaster, I'm tipping.
Connor will crack the ■■■■■ and kick him in the nuts.


Which to my mind is perfectly reasonable.


Not in a boxing contest.


Do you reckon he cares about the result? He's not being given a hope but landing $100m. I'd cop a beating for that much.


I'm going to take a punt and estimate that $100m in McGregor's book is a lot less than in your book. Maybe closer to $1000 for you.


Blitz is an empire. you take that back.


Dance around for 3 rounds then kick him in the face.

Sure, it isn't within the rules of boxing, but knocking Mayweather out on a world stage would be a good enough win for most.


He's big but he's never had a pay day close to $100m (I'm led to believe)


Roll Up Roll Up...come on down come on down let the circus begin!

Oh how I long for the days for hagler hearns

Just making the rich richer

Its an a grader versus a guy who would lucky to be a c grader!


Bit of a *yawn * situation isn't it?

Almost as transparently gimmicky as WWF et al.

I can't remember the last actual Boxing match that had a ring of authenticity about it, and didn't feel stage managed, .. but this feels even beyond that pale.


Personally I can't wait. I'll be watching and screaming at the screen for McGregor to cave his face in. And the fight will finish with me disappointed that he wasn't able to lay a glove on Mayweather.


You didn't see Klitschko V Josua a few weeks ago. Or Golovkin V Brooks or Canelo V Khan? It's all showbiz until the bell rings.


It's a really unusual mix of styles. McGregor is a very good striker and can land heavy blows from beyond range but if he doesn't come at Mayweather I fear it will become a snorefest. There is no reason for Mayweather to change his style to suit McGregor. Having said that I will definitely be watching.


Loud mouthed richard edward who will more than likely be a pretty average boxer versus loud mouthed richard edward who is a technically good boxer but made his fortune by running and hiding from opponents. Just yawn.


I dispute that Mayweather hid from anyone. He fought and beat them all. And before anyone suggests that he waited until Pacquiao was a spent force, Mayweather was 5x years older too. And I reckon if you ask Pacquiao privately, he'd much rather earn $100m+ in 2015 than $10m in 2010. Anticipation makes money. Same with this bout.


I don't think I've seen McGregor land many decent kicks.


McGregor is as good a puncher as anyone at that weight but if he doesn't get a knockout early, he's not really beaten anyone.

If Mayweather weathers the first two rounds, may as well switch it off.


I'm going for which ever one has normal ears.


I haven't seen Mayweather successfully defend any