Boxing Thread


True. It takes years to build up the required conditioning to compete at high intensity for 12x 3 min rounds. If you've ever boxed a round, you know, properly boxed where your opponent is actually trying to knock you out, you'll understand that when the adrenaline runs out, your conditioning takes over. If Mayweather is still upright when this happens to McGregor, it's not going to be a pleasant outcome for Conor.


Mayweather knows that McGregor is going to come out hard. There is no better defensive boxer maybe in history than Mayweather. It isnt gong to end well.


If J Horn can last for all 12x rounds, he will have done very well.


The judges went 117-111, 115-113 and 115-113, and Horn takes the WBO welterweight title from Pacquiao!




I haven't seen any vision yet. Hometown decision or for real?


argentine judges.


After the 9th round, the ref approached Horn's corner and said "give me something or I'm going to stop the fight".


Then Horn comes out and wins the 10th.


We go to the scorecards for Pacquiao-Horn: 117-111, 115-113, 115-113 all for Horn!!! Massive upset!!! Do not agree. Horn did not win. No way.
Dan Rafael, ESPN Senior Writer


Now having seen the fight, it was closer than how it was described on the radio but I'd agree that Horn got the better of him. What an upset.


Well he did. And he did. One would think that may be Pacquiao's last fight? We'll see if he wants a rematch. Great heart from Horn. Good on him.


The fight stats have Pacquiao landing 100 more punches that Horn (182 punches to Horn's 82) yet after watching the bout I felt that Horn had done enough.


I reckon Pac landed his in groupings. 9th round he probably landed most of his connecting shots. Horn spread the work.
I agree with the decision on its merits. Still think the challenger needs to clearly win to take the belt though


Horn wins the recount 7 rounds to 5.


my head knows Mayweather will win but would love to see him knocked out


I'm the opposite. Would love to see Mayweather drop him in the first round


Same here.


Is it too much to hope for a double knockout?


Pay your money, hope for what ever you like.