Boxing Thread


I enjoy the McGregor show. Sells a fight well. Don't expect it to end well for him but would love to see him sit Mayweather down. Floyd just doesnt do it for me


If McGregor, a bloke competing in his first sanctioned bout belts Mayweather then boxing is finished. Underneath all the $100 bills and trash talkin' is boxing's reputation as the #1 combat sport. Mayweather loses and boxing goes down with him. If a bloke with no discernible boxing skills defeats arguably the best pound for pound boxer the sport has seen and without doubt the best defensive fighter of them all then it's finished.


Reckon thats a bit glass half empty and downsells McGregor. Boxing has been a sideshow for years. This is nothing more than that really. If Boxing stands up then Mayweather should win comfortably and I expect he will but there are question marks. McGregor could be an awkward non orthodox opponent.


Why would anyone want Mayweather, a guy renowned for beating women and inability to read to win ? Fck that guy.

I hope Connor knocks him the fck out in the first round.


Same reason for why anyone supports pacquiao.

Guy literally said gay people don't deserve to be on this earth.

see more uproar about the aussie tennis players that dgaf about winning slams.


I'll knock you out.


You'll do fookin' nutin'. Get the fck outta here.


All I know is Conor is a deadset ledge, and if he knocks out Mayweather he may well be my favourite person alive. Conor is legit he best trash talker I’ve ever heard, he humiliated Floyd. Not that it means anything but fck it’s entertaining.



Lol. If if weren't for F Mayweather, C McGregor would still be rolling around on a floor somewhere tapping out.


Has Floyd ever fought a real fight? Or does he stick to beating up helpless women?


If he fought you would you consider it a real fight or beating up a helpless woman?


I guess it depends if he was trying another coward punch to the back of the head.


Rabbit punches aren't permitted under the Marquess of Queensberry rules for the sweet science. MMA however, pounding an opponent on the back of their head is not only permitted but encouraged.


Again, straight out wrong on that one, dingleberry.


Sure it is.


I guess you and facts don't get along.

And by the way, the coward punch was in reference to Floyd punching a girl in the back of the head (who was trying to help her friend being beaten up by him).


He won't be able to strike C McGregor to the back of the head. Standing or when in the foetal position on the ground.


Yeah, he'll stick to the women for when he wants to strike the back of the head.


Hasn't a UFC event outrated Pacquaio-Mayweather already? And that had 10 years of foreplay.
Boxing is done. The way the sport is run, by the time anyone's raking in the big bucks they're on the decline.