Boxing Thread


Boxing is dead, or is on life support. Joshua/Klitchsko had mild interest but other than that in the last decade or so there has been no casual interest and minimal interest from fans. Conor represents the new generation and new star, he backs his talk up and has made millions for his opponents each and every time. Mayweather only came out of retirement because Conor's a legit star and he knows it's a good payday for him and he thinks he can do Conor over easily. Everyone wants Mayweather to get knocked out besides a few swans supporters.


Not even close. For viewers or payday.


In the past decade it's be 11 to 11 for the amount of million + PPV buys and in the past 4 years it's 7 to 2 UFC's way, with only Mayweather/Pacqauio and other Mayweather fights being of only interest, with most just tuning in hoping to see Mayweather lose his streak. Boxing is on the decline and clutching at straws before it dies its final breath, UFC has been going upwards significantly since the early 2000's.


UFC/Bellator and that type of combat sport is certainly big time but ask youself why is C McGregor, UFC's biggest star and asset engaging in a boxing match instead of rolling around on the floor hugging some bloke in an octagon? It's because boxing pays the bills. Tell you what is going to be a better spectacle than Mayweather V McGregor? It's GGG V Canelo Alvarez a few weeks later. Alvarez is a much better prospect in 2017 than when Mayweather schooled him in 2013 and GGG is in a class of his own. So much so that I reckon there wouldn't be too many UFC blokes who'd want to take him on even under hugging rules. Boxing is far from dead but bouts like Mayweather V McGregor don't help.


I sit corrected
Still, there's omly one of him and he's old. 3 or 4 UFC guys and gals can pull big PPVs plus it's on normal pay TV in the US and here. The emergence of the lady UFC fighter is also something boxing has not matched so far.

Boxing won't ever really go away completely but as far as impact on my generation (early 30s) and younger, it's not even a blip on the radar.


That McGregor is crossing over to boxing for the biggest fight of his career says plenty about the relative popularity of both sports. The Horne Pacman fight got plenty of publicity too. MMA has made plenty of ground, but when it comes to prestige and interest, boxing is king.

I've been going to local boxing in Melbourne for a few years now and it's always a sell out. The atmosphere is great. Initially I went to follow my cousin (one to watch out for), but it's really got my attention on its own merit. I don't mind MMA, but it doesn't have the same appeal to me as boxing.


Angry summed it up with his generational observation of who is watching boxing and MMA. For me, I can't come to terms with belting a bloke when he's on the floor. That and kicking. Kick a bloke in a blue and you'd be set upon. It was drummed into you as a line you shouldn't cross. That plus it seems like a devolution of combat into something you'd see in a pub car park after closing. Wombats throwing haymakers in the hope that one or two might land. They're terrific athletes. Anyone who can grapple for 5 minutes is elite and they're highly skilled and brave but it's not for me.


To me boxing is relying on a 38 year old and an undefeated 40 year old to generate buzz. Mayweather knows there's no money left unless he does another rematch with Pacqauio. And that match was already long overdue, with both dancing around a match and both were well past their primes. Yes I'm sure boxing sells out locally but then again so does WWE and a lot of other things, for the main statistically boxing has been on a decline over the past decade, that Mayweather/Pacqauio match up aside. Personally I like both boxing and MMA, but boxing has barely done anything interesting for most this century. UFC is basically becoming huge whilst boxing is more for the old-schoolers, remember basically UFC was nothing just over a decade ago and now is booming. It's the way of the future and I'm sorry to say for boxing but unless they can find a marketable super star soon they'll continue to have to trot out the old timers for some nostigla fights. And why anyone would want a woman-bashing piece of sh*tstain Mayweather to add to his kitty is beyond me, he can't read but I guess he's smart enough to know that McGregor is the next big thing and get his last payday before he sails off into another retirement.


I think you should enlighten yourself and do some research because your limited knowledge is embarrassing and shows you've seen about 1 minute of highlights in your life. The sheer amount of hardwork, skill and pure dedication across all different formats of wrestling, judo, boxing etc is insane, much more to "bashing a guy on the floor" or "grapplng" and I can assure you a more vast arrangement of skills that you wouldn't know the first thing of. If Mayweather tried to fight McGregor in a proper real fight, Conor would have him tapping within 20 seconds, and that's not even a joke. There's a reason they're doing boxing. Conor has a chance in boxing, Mayweather would literally be beaten within seconds just like the last boxer that tried to to go into the UFC.


The last boxer? Holly Holm?


So you're saying they don't strike when on the floor and they don't kick?


No love for Tyson Fury from the crowd.


No I didn't say they didn't, if they've used their skillset that's allowed for them to get a takedown then the aim is to win, I'm saying there's more to MMA than just "grappling" and "a bunch of guys throwing haymakers". It's developing a huge range of skillsets that takes years and years to master, not just boxing (although including) but also Muay Thai, Jiu Jitso, wrestling, judo, Taekwondo, kickboxing etc.. You're showing your ignorance on just the sheer determination it takes to do this. CM Punk, a wrestler, tried to come in and do this and was submitted within a round, as was the last boxer that came in, he lasted less than a minute. You don't have to like it, but educate yourself if you're going to run your mouth.


James Toney, 3 time world boxing champion, was tapped out in less than a minute.


The reason they are doing boxing is because that's where the money is. And the money is there because boxing is a bigger sport that captures more of the public's interest.


Boxer Ray Mercer knocked out UFC champ Tim Sylvia in the first round. Holy Holme was a boxer who made the transition to MMA.


I've never seen her wrestle but I've seen her box once or twice (sorry)


Mex you rapscallion.


I don't like MMA style contests because there are elements of it that I find distasteful. Not sure why you're being defensive and taking it personally. I don't give a sh*t if you like boxing or not, that's your business.


Don't get sooky, I don't care if you like MMA or not, but don't talk bullsh*t. I was responding to your comments regarding MMA being akin to pub carpark brawling and grappling. I'm pointing out the sheer level of skillsets required to be competent in the sport, and why it's one of the fastest growing sports in the world. I'm sorry if MMA has insulted your delicate tastes, I guess we'll see how the Money Man can defend his way to another win in a month.