Boxing Thread


Correct, he got lucky in the first few seconds of the whole fight with a KO and then never fought again. Holly Holm was already a champion kickboxer before her boxing career and it's one of her big weapons, always a talented athlete who had her foot in the door, she's developed her craft after 6 years to get to where she is now so she fully deserves it. My point is any boxer worth their eggs would know they'd stand no chance, without extensive training. And even then CM Punk was humiliated with 2 full years of training early in the first round in his debut.


That's right. He will defend his way to victory over McGregor. And that's the art of boxing. It's the not getting hit that matters. And no one does not getting hit better than Mayweather.


Right and I fully expect that to happen, I've watched a lot of his fights and his defence is extraordinary, he just finds ways to win. That said McGregor has a great left hand, he just needs to adjust. If McGregor wins it'd be one of the greatest upsets of all time.


Not one of, THE biggest upset of all time.


I don’t think McGregor will land one meaningful punch all night… And I mean that literally—Not. One. Punch.

To be fair, I’d say that about ANYONE who got in the ring with Mayweather without any boxing experience.

Anyway, that’s my prediction: A Mayweather-wins-every-round snore-fest.


I'd love to see Mayweather take on GGG. The best striker against the best avoider. There is 4kgs between them (Mayweather 68kgs - Golovkin 72kgs) but that shouldn't be too great a difference to overcome. If they could come to terms at welterweight it would be the fight of the century.


TBH, I’m not a fan of Mayweather (although I appreciate his boxing skills and achievements in the sport). Personally, I hope he retires after this fight and stays retired.

I am a fan of GGG, though—he’s a very exciting fighter! I expect him to beat Canelo, but we will have to wait and see :slight_smile:

But, my favourite boxer ATM is Lomachenko. He’s poetry in motion :slight_smile:


He's a great talent no doubt.

Speaking of exciting fighters, I'm looking forward to Klitschko V Joshua II and if Joshua prevails, Joshua V Deontay Wilder. Boxing does well when the heavyweight division is populated with good prospects.


TBH, I haven’t followed the heavyweight division for a while. (But, I agree with you, that boxing does well when the HW division is thriving.) Klitschko vs Joshua was exciting, so, hopefully the rematch will be great. I haven’t followed Wilder and don’t know anything about him.


He's an interesting prospect. He's 38-0 with 32 of those victories coming via KO or TKO. Been the distance only once, winning by unanimous decision but none of his opponents so far could be classed as elite. He was scheduled to fight Alexander Povetkin last year but the fight was cancelled due to Povetkin testing positive to a banned substance. Povetkin would have been his biggest test yet. Wilder's best asset is he's American. Why he hasn't battled Klitschko yet is a mystery but between them, Joshua and possibly Fury (if he can get his act together) you have the makings of the most competitive heavyweight contest in quite a while.


one for you @Diggers


I read that earlier. I get the sentiment but I disagree with it. The audience loves the showbiz aspect of combat sport and history has shown time and again the louder, ruder, more outrageous, controversial you are, the more money you make. F Mayweather didn't target C McGregor because he thought McGregor would be a worthy opponent, it's because he's the best publicity machine on the planet. It's not a pleasant spectacle but it's what sells tickets. This is all about entertainment. Boxing is just the medium.


If Mayweather doesn't beat him early than Boxing may as well fold. It'll never regain respect again, and that's from the small base it has currently. McGregor is a freak but Moneyballs has been doing this since he was first learning to beat women so he should put him away early.


I'm pretty sure I've seen this movie. It I'll end the same way as Great White Hype did.


The Gerry Cooney story?


Dont know if it was based on anything but it was a 90's comedy.

Undisputed black champion faces an amateur irish white fighter(the great white hope). The whole movie builds it up that the white guy can win, that the champ is past it and lazy. Then boom knock out round 1, not even a contest.


Gerry Cooney was built up to be the greatest fighter of all time after he retired Jimmy Young in the 4th round of their bout, KO'd Ron Lyle in the 1st round then unbelievably TKO'd the great Ken Norton inside 1 round to set up a challenge against Larry Holmes for the lineal Heavyweight championship title in 1982. Holmes won but Cooney performed admirably. The Ron Lyle win was totally unexpected because Lyle was a real bad-a*se. Anyway, it was close but not close enough for Cooney who then went on to lose to Michale Spinks in '87 and then got retired by George Foreman in 1990. It was a small mercy that he was never matched up against Mike Tyson during the 80's or 90's because Tyson would have killed him.

Cooney V Lyle:

Lyle was well past his prime by this stage but it still caught everyone by surprise.


And for those who like big punchers: GGG V Everyone


I never expect Wile E Coyote to beat Road Runner, but it's still entertaining to watch him try.


V Klitschko has officially retired. Been a good champion in a lacklustre era but you can only beat the guy you’re up against and he beat most of them. 18x consecutive title defences. Second only to Joe Louis.