Boxing Thread


That’s good, sounds like plenty of drama


Oh no!! 200 grams!!

They just stack it on after the weigh in anyway.


There’s supposed to be an Aussie judge, an American and an alleged neutral, whatever that means,


Pumped for this fight. Go Jeff!


UFC on 1 computer, Boxing on the other. Essendon on the TV.



CM Punk just won a round in the UFC… FMD


KO’d in the 9th.

Horn did well to win a round.

Crawford is a beast.


Outclassed by a superior boxer.

Disappointing thought he could bring something.


Very disappointing but just beaten by a superior boxer


M Pacquiao underprepared for his fight with J Horn. His people first accepted a bout with Horn before calling it off to do a deal with A Khan. When that fell over due to timing conflicts (Ramadan), the Horn scrap was back on. Two weeks before the fight, Pacquiao was asked about what he thought about Horn, he said he didn’t know anything about him. He did even know his name. Timing is important in life but it’s everything in boxing. Horn got Pacquiao just at the right time. If he didn’t have a belt, he would never had got in the ring with someone as good as T Crawford.


Earned a few million form the last 2 fights, Not bad really.


Exactly. Really good timing.

Mundine was circling before the Crawford fight but was politely declined by Horn’s management. Reckon they have a closer look at it now.


Horn would destroy Mundine




Reckon though that this fight should have been stopped earlier.

Mundine at his best would take Horn, and maybe last the distance with Crawford.

Crawford is good but not sure as good as many think.


You must be joking?


Mundine must be well past 40 now??


Horn is a can. That win over manny was very, very over rated and everything fell into place for him. Crawford is elite though


It would be a good earner. Horn would clean him up with little risk of damage.

Problem for Horn is that yesterday’s performance is unlikely to have made him any friends or won a new audience. It was a very poor showing. I can’t see any US promoters signing up J Horn for fights that no one will pay to see. A Mundine bout makes sense. People here like Horn, hate Mundine and will pay to watch Horn knock him out. But outside of Australia, Horn is cactus.

He can sneak in through the back door if he can get the attention of A Khan or K Brook’s management in England and can put up a good show but he’s done in the States for now.


Teddy Atlas’ post fight review was spot on. Pacquiao came in half-arsed and Horn got him. But it wasn’t a good show. If Horn didn’t have the WBO belt he would never in a million years have been matched with Crawford.