Boxing Thread


The fighter was respectful in the end.

Crazy that the fight managed to be adjudicated in those circumstances. Thanks for sharing.


I hope Mundine wins too. Not sure what Mundine’s people were thinking but Horn needs this bout more than Mundine does. The Crawford bout did a lot of damage to Horn’s bankability and he needs as many high profile bouts as he can get in order to re-establish his brand. Mundine is still one of the biggest names in domestic boxing so didn’t need to agree to Horn’s demands.

Who else could have delivered this big a pay day for Horn? There is no way he will fight Crawford again and he would be highly unlikely to be offered up against any of the other top 10 welterweights due to his poor showing last time.

The terms have made a tough task for Choc even tougher. Probably too tough.


Anyone else keen on the Tyson Fury v Wilder fight? Hope Fury knocks his block off.


I was shocked when I saw how rapidly Fury had gotten himself into shape. Looks super lean. The big question mark is his lack of fight preparation. Has been out of the ring for a while (those recent fights count for little). Could be underdone.

As Diggers pointed out, he’s an awkward fighter with an unorthodox style, however, I can’t see him defeating Wilder. I’d like to see Fury win, though. Wilder vs Joshua seems destined to happen.


I hope not, I really do love Fury and love his story to come back from the brink of total despair and how he’s willed his way back. Fell into a complete and utter depression, managed to still beat the undisputed champ in Klitchscko, and then fell into the depths with drugs, drink and trying to kill himself. Now he’s back and I hope he knocks Wilder out.


If Fury wins I’ll lnoc you out.


With that speech impediment? I doubt it.


Likewise, CB. I like his story & trust he can beat the odds & win the fight. Both massive units & yet to taste defeat. At that weight, I suppose anything can happen.



Could either of these guys handle Joshua?


The Bronze Bomber is capable of knocking A Joshua out of this life and into the next.


Reckon T Fury could handle him, too.


Wilder gives his opponents plenty of chances and looks pretty ugly at times but he’s got a right hand as powerful as Ron Lyle’s.

When it lands, it finishes. 39x of of 40 times so far.


Thanks Digs.
I’ve never seen Wilder or Fury fight.


It will be an interesting contest.


Both can beat Joshua, the fact that Joshua has been ducking both tells you a bit. Joshua only wants to fight either if he gets a ridicolous percentage of the gate which both Wilder/Fury have called him out on. But the winner will amost certainly face him.

Wilder is a knockout artist (as his 39/40 wins KO’s record suggests). He has awesome power, big man, and can knock any man out and the best hitter out there right now, you’d be foolish to stand toe-to-toe and he’ll come out on top every time. But as Diggers says he has sloppy footwork and relatively low on nous, he’s only gone the distance once so hasn’t be forced to work overly hard but that’s probably due to him being too good. Fury has probably rightly said that out of his 40-0 most have been bums.

Fury is the opposite, 27-0, 6’9 and large but impressively agile for a big man, like to create angles, be awkward and frustrate opponents, jab but also has the power if needed which makes him dangerous. Completely outboxed Klitschko before he fell into depression who hadn’t lost for over a decade and that was before making a mockery of him in the build to boot. He’s incredibly charismatic and made a mockery of Wilder in the build, making Wilder lose his temper almost every time.

If the fight lasts the distance, Fury wins because he has superior everything. If not Wilder’s power is too much. I reckon the fact Fury has had basically two years off makes Wilder fave, but I personally hope Fury knocks his head off. I can’t wait, it’s been a while since a fight has caught me.


Jesus, this pre-fight card for the Mundine/Horn definitley needed a 5 hour pre-card and a 11:30+ start.


■■■■■■■ LOL


Mundine knocked out 1 minute into the fight.


And I paid $59.99 for that. I have mug written on my forehead!